Monday, April 30, 2007

White Kitty Vs. Alpha Husky Dog....Go Kitten Go...

Husky Vs Cat - video powered by Metacafe
This little kitty should not be judged by its color, even if she is 'white.' She is one brave feline and tries to put the Husky Alpha Dog in its place and defend its territory. However, IF the Husky wanted to, he/she could end the life of the little white kitty in a moment. But, thankfully, the Husky is the picture of compliancy and kindness to the bitty kitty. Now, if this was mapped into this BLACK Kitty and the Huskies she has to deal with daily, they would be chasing her around.. then sniffing her, then ignoring her. Such is the life of a Black Kitty, who has about a quarter of the spunk as this ying to my yang baby cat.

This video is a very good example of a consensual power exchange between two mammals. At some level, the kitten KNEW that Husky would not harm her, and at some level, I am totally assuming that the dog found the kitty amusing, young, and full of spunk. But the real power, is in the exchange of power. The dog lets the cat be the boss, even though the dog knows full well it is really in charge.

Peace and Love all...

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