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Opposite of Ahedonia: Everything Will Be Alright - I Promise

Please stop worrying. I am beginning to hear what people who care are saying. You all, its gonna take some time. I was told I don't like anything that I USED to like. SO, because I AGREE that I don't like many things that used to amuse me, I am trying to look at the guilty pleasures that I used to enjoy and determine IF they still mean anything to me at all.

Here is the list of things that I used to enjoy, that now I really don't care for.

1. TV - I was a total tv addict most of my life. I have TIVO, WMC * 3, JOOST, ZEN VISION and many other ways to continually watch TV. I used to LOVE the O.C. (above with my message to my loved ones). I watched this video and it evoked many emotions. I did feel for those folks, I did love to watch that show. Now, I do have feelings, but I have no interest in watching that or any of "my shows" anymore. I hope this is okay. My family doesn't watch much TV, it was all me.

2. MOVIES - my family sees just about every movie. Most of my life, WE had OSCAR parties and loved seeing every single nominated movie. We used to go to 3 or 4 movies in a day!!!! Now, honestly, and if this is sick... okay... The only movie I can imagine going to see is SICKO. Because I UNCONDITIONALLY support MICHAEL MOORE.

3. MY HOME TOWN - It just does nothing for me. I try to recall its original attractions and why I loved it so much. It boils down to GREEN. I love the PCness (but not too much), the GREEN, the nature, all the big tall trees, and most of all I love my yard and my own redwood tree.

4. ARGUING - I just can't stand to argue anymore, but it seems like that is my normal discourse with most people. In my wack kat mind, when I sincerely believe that I am correct, I don't back down.

5. North American LAWS - I keep questioning our laws, our war, our invasion of countries, our prison rates, our insane drug war, and all of the rest of the BUSH reigning disaster.

I am also including some more versions of this song... well.. cause I can....

Peace, Love, and trying to remember why I liked Evening Soaps

Although this one has Tom Cruise, who I refuse to watch in any form, given his anti-psychiatry funding, I love the VAMPIRES... they rock.. I STILL love ANNE RICE in all forms... and incarnations

This show, ONE TREE HILL was another favorite of mine. I don't know why they call it NALEY when HER name was HALEY.. but I guess it is an inside joke. I watched every episode of OTH, like the OC, and Anne Rice....enjoy

SeaGull Pfizer Watches Black Kitty From Balcony - I AM SO HONORED

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BAYER - EVIL Part II - More Evidence for the Skeptical

PharmaGiles commented very thoughfully (thank you!) about the weak link in my BAYER Posting below.

Because this was one story, where I was very hesitant to write what I was feeling, and because I didn't feel I had enough HARD PROOF to back up my crazy kitty rant, I consulted with an EXPERT on the topic of BAYER and their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

This expert, I will call Dr. EBR or (Evidence Based Rants) looked over my posting TWICE and said, that my grammer sucks... well I KNOW THAT :) My bads are what are endearing :)

Here are several other supporting materials for my contention that BAYER was directly responsible for many deaths, due to their a priori knowledge that their medication contained the HIV/AIDS virus. This company KNOWINGLY dumped a drug that cost many people their lives, and many families more torture and pain, than anyone should have to endure. Remember people, most people with hemophelia at that point were youngsters and young adults...

Please read and watch the support I provide If you still have questions, I would be SO grateful if you would comment, so I can feel justified into more research on this horrible but important topic.

Dr. EBR said to look here
and to look here
and HERE.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PharmaGossip: Describe Big Pharma in two words

PharmaGossip: Describe Big Pharma in two words

Should PHARMA Have Their Own TV Station? PHARMA Central?

It would be a JOKE to consider a PHARMA sponsored network, as anything more than another QBC or Marketing Channel. I don't believe that most consumers of PHARMA synthetics really believe that PHARMA will give them UNBIASED information about medications, nor do they believe that IN GENERAL, the PHARMA Industry is in it for anything but the bottom line.

It was very interesting, that PHARMAGOSSIP posted this, and the post that follows. The post below basically says what I was nagging about - most consumers think PHARMA IS SHADY, SKETCHY, GREEDY, BIASED, AND UNETHICAL.

This is a very serious breach of trust between patients and their medication providers.

I always say, you know the answer to your health care problem, its on the door. That is, if you go to a surgeon, then most likely you will get a surgical solution. If you go to the PCP you will get a pill and if you go to a physical therapist, you will get physical therapy.

So, if you go to a PHARMA company for information, you are going to get synthetics.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Billy Idol Helps Me - What Set You Free? I need YOU HERE by ME!

So think about it, YOU were born on this year. This is WHERE I WAS AT mentally, when you were born. Then I became a MOM... What a concept! Rebel Yell to Mommy in 38 weeks. Peace and Love, and GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.

Can I Change Your Mind? -Killers Help Me Thru the Hopeless Haze

This has not been a good day. Someone who meant the most to me, doesn't know who I am anymore. I think the picture is a good representation of yesterday's interactions. I am so sorry.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

BAYER CAUSES THE WORST TREATMENT DISASTER in the history of the British National Health System (NHS)!

PharmaGossip: "The worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS"

1,757 PEOPLE DIED and Many More Are Terminally Ill - Infection risk of imported blood 'known in 70s' – GUESS WHO is Responsible?

….. Following the scandal dubbed the "worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS" by Labour peer Lord Winston.”

“* 'Lost' documents emerge, public inquiry told
* Health department set to release more information

All material quoted from “Original Source and PharmaGossip”: Sarah Boseley, health editor Saturday May 26, 2007 The Guardian

"More details emerged last night of the way government advisers handled the haemophilia scandal which saw thousands of patients infected with imported blood. Yesterday the Guardian revealed that the Department of Health was warned of the HIV danger from US blood products in 1983, but its advisers on the Committee on the Safety of Medicines decided not to ban imported blood for fear the UK would not have sufficient supplies. Now, campaigners who have finally won the right to a public inquiry, say they have discovered evidence that the government also knew that there was a risk of patients contracting the potentially lethal virus hepatitis C in blood products imported from the US as early as the 1970s. Years after the government said documents relating to the safety of the UK's blood supply had been destroyed; a public inquiry conducted by Lord Archer of Sandwell has been told by the Department of Health that most have resurfaced. Among 5,000 documents being made available to the inquiry are papers relating to the dangers of hepatitis C in blood collected from paid US donors. One of the documents, summaries of which have been placed in the library of the Palace of Westminster, contains minutes of a meeting of the Medical Research Council on February 12 1979, which discussed the possible contamination of US blood products with a virus known only then as "non A, non B hepatitis" which is now identified as hepatitis C. "In agreeing that post-transfusion hepatitis was rare in the UK, concern was expressed about the continued use of commercial plasma products, many of which were produced in the US and carried a high risk of transmitting non A, non B hepatitis," it says. Haemophiliacs were at greatest risk of infection from the virus because of their need for regular blood transfusions. Carol Grayson, whose husband Peter Longstaff died in April 2005 after contracting both hepatitis C and HIV from contaminated blood products, is among those who have campaigned to get to the bottom of what the government knew and when. She says the government has never acknowledged that blood products from the US carried a higher risk of hepatitis C than those sourced from the UK. Yet blood products from the US were more dangerous, campaigners say, for several reasons - the system for paying donors and collecting blood from prisoners meant a higher risk of infections. The US also pooled huge numbers of blood donations which meant that large quantities of blood products could be infected from a few virus-carriers. Mrs. Grayson has unearthed a document suggesting the British authorities knew of the hepatitis danger as early as 1975. That year Dr J Garrott Allen, a surgeon from Stanford University in California, who had studied hepatitis in post-transfusion patients, wrote to the head of BPL, in charge of Britain's blood supply. The United States Department of Health said they were about to release 1,700 more documents to add to more than 5,000 they have already made available to the Archer inquiry. A spokeswoman said: "We are not trying to hide anything. HIV was not the problem then that we now know it is and hepatitis C didn't even have a name. It has to be seen in that context."


"Bayer complied with all regulations in force in the relevant countries based on the amount of scientific evidence available at that time. The decisions that the company made 20 years ago should not be judged by the same standards of scientific knowledge available now, the statement said." End quote.

I respond:

Bayer's explanation that their behavior was consistant with the scientific knowledge OF THE TIME, doesn't really hold water with reality, and social justice.

"Bayer complied with all regulations in force in the relevant countries based on the amount of scientific evidence available at that time." - 5-2007, Bayer Spokesperson.

Is this comment, also the empirical rationalization f or making the poison gas for the Nazi Concentration Camps during and preceding WWII? I guess that Nazi medical torture (experiments) would also fall under the following explanation: "Bayer complied with all regulations in force in the relevant countries based on the amount of scientific evidence available at that time." Jews as sub-humans? Yes, that was also the scientific evidence available in Nazi days.

Please see HERE for PROOF that "Bayer played a decisive role in human experiments with deadly outcomes during the Third Reich."
I disagree strongly with this comment made recently by Bayer.

I believe that society has to hold companies responsible for their BEHAVIOR NO MATTER WHAT were THE "SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS" OF THE TIME (Jews as Laboratory Rats?)

Black Kitty Sets out a Dare for Bayer... hey that rhymes... dare for bayer.... hahaha
BAYER COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE WHO READS HEALTH BLOGS FOR MONEY, PLEASE REPLY HERE in my BLOG COMMENTS a statement about your company's involvement with the Nazi's and their role in the Holocaust? And how you thought "that killing Jews and many other people were the standards of the time?" I guess it was the standard to use slave labor and kill your workforce!

I would also LIKE BAYER TO DEFEND THE FIRST, PRECEDENT SETTING USE OF LABOR SLAVES PRIOR TO WORLD WAR I. Bayer forced Jews and other Europeans to work at their companies for free and at the costs of employee health and life. I would LOVE to understand how that STANDARD maps into today's thinking at your company.

In this Black Kitty OPINION, Bayer HAS NO SOUL, and the company, even in its current incarnation does not care at all for life; rather they seem to care only about profit for their shareholders, and lets not kid ourselves, the gold lined pockets of the top leadership of Bayer.

Bayer certainly does not care for those individuals who are either Jewish, physically or mentally ill or just not those people we like. Bayer had a policy of slave labor like many other European companies during WWI and WW2.

It is ironic, that a company owned by Germans who caused so much evil and hurt to humans over time, is CONTINUING TO CAUSE DEATH?

Anyone who does NOT KNOW the connection between Bayer, Exxon and the Nazi Death Camps (BTW, Bayer MADE THE POISON FOR THE GAS CHAMBERS) should read up on it in a very seriously footnoted and documented history Magazine Potshotzine #19 . By Clicking you can order copies of the magazine (I highly recommend it) or just READ UP on Bayer’s role in Genocide and the World Wars (also Exxon's Role :)).

Thank you so much in advance for providing me and family WITH AN APOLOGY, for your role in the deaths of my family members, and the genocide.

"Keep tabs on YOUR rulers, cause they got tabs on you" – Happy Birthday OPA.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pfizer readies consumer ads for its year-old anti-smoking pill

If this guy doesn't make you quit smoking with his "sage" advice, then what will?

Pfizer readies consumer ads for its year-old anti-smoking pill

Published May 10, 2007

Although most Americans with health insurance are unlikely to get coverage for Pfizer Inc.'s smoking pill Chantix, the pharmaceutical giant says the pill is still much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, which figures into its marketing plan.

Pfizer, which launched Chantix last summer, said it did not expect much health insurance coverage of the prescription, which costs about $3 a day, so it priced the pill below that of a package of cigarettes.

Cigarettes are expensive and can cost $8 to $10 a pack in Manhattan and some bars in Chicago, or $3 to $4 in rural America or certain areas where taxes on cigarettes are not as high, according to Pfizer and other sources.

"It's the difference between putting money into making yourself sick or putting money into making yourself healthy," said Terri O'Gorman, a Pfizer director of marketing.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Chantix was the first new prescription aid to smoking cessation treatment to be approved in nearly a decade when the agency cleared the drug for marketing a year ago.

With more employers and health insurers pushing high-deductible health plans on consumers that require them to pay more out of pocket for drugs anyway, Pfizer is not expecting a huge boost in coverage for the pill. The New York-based drugmaker, citing government figures, said about one in four Americans with health insurance get coverage for smoking cessation treatments and programs, according to research it did before launching Chantix.

Chantix was approved to be taken for up to 12 weeks, according to its government-approved label. Upon consultation with their doctors, smokers can take Chantix for another 12 weeks if they have demonstrated they have quit, Pfizer said.

In the next stage of Pfizer's marketing blitz for Chantix the company this summer will begin branded consumer ads for the pill. Chantix sales were $162 million in the first quarter, with the bulk of sales coming from the U.S.

Since December Pfizer has been marketing the pill with unbranded ads through its campaign dubbed "My time to quit." The ad campaign includes a Web site ( and offers smokers a chance to calculate the amount of money they are spending on smoking. It does not, however, compare savings to the cost of the drug.

DEPENDENCY NETWORK: In a deal that will create a consolidated chemical dependency program with 19 sites in the Chicago area, Rush University Medical Center said it has sold the Rush Behavioral Health Network to Catholic hospital operator Resurrection Health Care for an undisclosed sum.

Rush Behavioral will essentially merge its operations, including its addiction services for professionals, into the Resurrection Behavioral network. More than 70 Rush Behavioral employees along with contracts, leases and other businesses will transfer to Resurrection, the parties involved said.

Dr. Daniel Angres, who is the founder and director of Rush Behavioral Health, will continue to oversee the program for professionals and becomes director of the newly formed Resurrection Addiction Services.

Rush, a large academic medical center on Chicago's West Side, sold the chemical dependency and substance abuse network to focus on its campus redevelopment and "core tertiary care, research and educational missions," a spokesman said. "We have consolidated or sold a number of programs over the years."
Hear Bruce Japsen on WBBM-AM 780 at 6:21 p.m. and 10:22 p.m. Mondays and 11:20 a.m. Saturdays.

Copyright © 2007, Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

PharmaGossip: Distaval - dont forget history

PharmaGossip: Distaval - dont forget history

Here is the review of a book that summarizes the Nazi link to Thalidomide! Please read the link above, then the book review for the back story. Thanks PharmaGossip for this link from bad medicine to Nazism. Sounds just about right to me.

Dark Remedy: The Impact of Thalidomide and Its Revival as a Vital Medicine
November 15, 2001

from Medscape General Medicine [TM]
Reviewed by: Richard J. Powell, DM, FRCP

With Dark Remedy: The Impact of Thalidomide and Its Revival as a Vital Medicine, American authors embryologist Trent Stephens and historian Rock Brynner have cleverly and meticulously crafted a chronicle of 40 years of thalidomide into a thoroughly readable and coherent story. They are to be commended on their detailed research into historical background and efforts to distil the more contemporaneous immunologic ramifications of thalidomide use for the nonspecialist reader. In fact, the book reads almost like a novel, although accuracy has been maintained throughout.

The drug, which was initially promoted as a sedative without side effects, became history's greatest medical tragedy as the development of irreversible nerve damage (neuropathy) and the reports of birth defects were ignored for the sake of monetary gain.

The story begins in Germany, chronicling the employment of ex-Nazi officers in the management of a production company and how their philosophies manifestly influenced subsequent marketing strategies. Thalidomide was "a drug in search of a disease." The authors note, "the only thing thalidomide seemed to have going for it was that researchers could not find a dose high enough to kill a lab rat."

The plot then moves to Israel in 1965, where thalidomide's beneficial effects in leprosy were discovered and subsequently confirmed in a large international World Health Organization study. These studies highlighted the need for the molecular definition of the anti-inflammatory/immunologic properties of thalidomide. It is, however, only in the last decade that some -- although not all -- of the answers have been forthcoming.

The book subsequently focuses on debates within the US Food and Drug Administration and describes the process that successfully prevented the drug from being licensed in the United States with compelling accounts from the individuals responsible for blocking approval.

Indeed, thalidomide beautifully exemplifies the issue of drug risk benefit ratios: as a sedative with a significant side effect profile, the drug was denied a licence, yet approximately 30 years later it has been given a special licence to allow its limited albeit appropriate use in life-threatening conditions when other drugs have been tried and failed. This special licence overcame the need for thalidomide to be illegally smuggled into the United States during the early and mid 1990s.

Especially noteworthy is the 12th chapter, "One Patient's Account," which graphically extols the benefit of thalidomide in an inflammatory condition and is almost worthy of the title "A twist in the tail." Woe betide the reviewer who discloses the secret disclosed therein.

This book is written by 2 worthy Americans and one must allow them a certain partisanship. However, to a British reviewer, the tributes to immunologist Gilla Kaplan, PhD, whose work on the capacity of thalidomide to inhibit tumor necrosis factor-alpha in connection with AIDS research, seemed overstated. Similarly, there is no mention of the UK policy on thalidomide that has allowed its use on a "named patient" basis since 1968; the UK guideline on the use and prescribing of thalidomide in 1994 was largely imitated by the System for Thalidomide Education and Prescribing Safety (STEPS) program in America.

Finally, not surprisingly, the authors struggle to explain the complicated immunologic processes involved in the actions of thalidomide and end up producing a rather indigestible account of the science.

Despite these reservations, I recommend this book not only to those with a specific interest in thalidomide but also as a very informative read for general audiences.

Richard J. Powell, DM, FRCP, is a Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Clinical Immunology at University Hospital, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
Medscape General Medicine 3(4), 2001. © 2001 Medscape Portals, Inc

PharmaGossip Has Great Clip on How Medications Lead to Heart Disease

The New England Medical Journal bravely published an article showing : Thanks PG :)
"Oh dear!

It looks like a wheel has fallen off the "glitazone bandwagon"!

GlaxoSmithKline, Europe's biggest drug-maker, was last night racing to shore up confidence in one of its most important medicines after a study in a respected US journal suggested that it dramatically increased the risks of having a heart attack.

The drug in question, Avandia, is taken by millions of Americans and others around the world who suffer from diabetes.

It contributed £414m to GSK's sales in the first three months of this year.

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) yesterday analysed all the previously published data from studies of Avandia and calculated that taking the drug increases the chance of having a heart attack by 43 per cent.

The increase in the risk of having a fatal heart attack was even higher.

GSK immediately questioned the methodology of the study, which was conducted by Dr. Steven ("Drugslayer") Nissen, a cardiologist at the respected Cleveland Clinic in Ohio - but more than $10bn was wiped off the value of the company in afternoon trading in the US in the wake of the study.

Dr. David Nathan, chief of diabetes care at Massachusetts General Hospital, comments about the meta-analysis are most revealing:

"This analysis is just scratching the surface of what may be there. It needs to be taken seriously," said Nathan, who reviewed the paper for the medical journal and has no financial ties to any diabetes drugmakers.

The situation "reflects very badly on the FDA and on Glaxo," Nathan said. "It's the FDA's responsibility to be monitoring this stuff."

But wait! There's more:

The drug "represents a major failure of the drug-use and drug-approval processes in the United States," Drs. Bruce Psaty and Curt Furberg wrote in an editorial in the NEJM.

Psaty is with the University of Washington in Seattle and Furberg is with Wake Forest University.

When the drug was approved, evidence of its benefits were "at best mixed," wrote the two doctors. Both have been frequent critics of the FDA's failure to spot dangers in the drug approval process and its conduct involving Vioxx.

Sources: The Indy, Channel 7 Boston"


What bothers me about this, is that the populous continues to take these medications, which ARE NOT TESTED IN LARGE GENERALIZABLE SAMPLES and therefore when they are introduced in LARGE distribution, heart damage is a major side effect. This has been TRUE OF JUST ABOUT EVERY WEIGHT LOSS "MEDICATION."

My Kitty advice is to NOT TAKE ANY weight loss or NEW arthritis medications until AT LEAST A YEAR after their large scale introduction to America. This is similar to how I feel about buying a cool new car. I would never recommend anyone to buy the first year of a new line of cars. It always takes at least a year TO IRON OUT ALL THE BUGS. One of the major problems with the FDA process, is that IT IS STATIC instead of proactive and fluid.

As data comes in on a certain synthetic molecule, then all data should be aggregated and continually analyzed by a team of crack biostatisticans LEAD BY INDEPENDENT PRIMARY INVESTIGATORS. Side effects need to be flagged and spit out to proper officers if they occur at a certain a prior rate overall and for demographic strata, such as kids or older adults or those on other medications and those with chronic diseases.

All models (UNLIKE THE CURRENT FDA PHASE I AND PHASE II TRIALS) SHOULD include all relevant covariates and use adjusted rates of side effects. This has not been done, although I think now, they are starting to do this. Much more on this later... Love and Peace and NO NEW SYNTHETICS

Monday, May 21, 2007

PFIZER CFO RESIGNS after PFE finance executive blows the whistle

Pfizer's CFO Alan Levin's resignation was hastily announced 9:25 PM on Sunday evening in a BusinessWire news release. Mr. Levin, 45, took over as the chief of finance in 2005.Mr. Levin's resignation comes after three days of disclosures of corruption in Pfizer's finance department, revealed by former Pfizer finance executive Mr. Ashok S. Idnani.

"The documents the whistleblower provided show that high level Pfizer executives in India and the company's New York headquarters, including Jeff Kindler, had been made aware of the allegations before the whistleblower, who'd been with Pfizer for 28 years, was fired."
For full story of Pfizer's financial whistleblower see:

1. Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle - Part One
2. Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle – Part Two
3. Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle – Part Three

read more | digg story

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fox News: Bush's Grandfather Directed Bank Who Funded Hitler

This article slipped under the radar. Many don't know that Bush's current position is due largely to Nazi money (like many of the early MIC prototype companies) - Fox news reported this in 2003! - *Head explodes*

This is SO IMPORTANT I have reprinted the Post HERE:

"WASHINGTON — President Bush's grandfather was a director of a bank seized by the federal government because of its ties to a German industrialist who helped bankroll Adolf Hitler's rise to power, government documents show.

Prescott Bush (search) was one of seven directors of Union Banking Corp. (search), a New York investment bank owned by a bank controlled by the Thyssen family, according to recently declassified National Archives documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

Fritz Thyssen (search) was an early financial supporter of Hitler, whose Nazi party Thyssen believed was preferable to communism. The documents do not show any evidence Bush directly aided that effort. His position with Union Banking never was a political issue for Bush, who was elected to the Senate from Connecticut in 1952.

Reports of Bush's involvement with the seized bank have been circulating on the Internet for years and have been reported by some mainstream media. The newly declassified documents provide additional details about the Union Banking-Thyssen connection.

Trent Duffy, a spokesman for President Bush, declined to comment.

Union Banking was owned by a Dutch bank, Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaardt N.V., which was "closely affiliated" with the German conglomerate United Steel Works, according to an Oct. 5, 1942, report from the federal Office of Alien Property Custodian. The Dutch bank and the steel firm were part of the business and financial empire of Thyssen and his brother, Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, the report said.

The 4,000 Union Banking shares owned by the Dutch bank were registered in the names of the seven U.S. directors, according a document signed by Homer Jones, chief of the division of investigation and research of the Office of Alien Property Custodian, a World War II-era agency that no longer exists.

E. Roland Harriman, the bank chairman and brother of former New York Gov. W. Averell Harriman (search), held 3,991 shares. Bush had one share.

Both Harrimans and Bush were partners in the New York investment firm of Brown Brothers, Harriman and Co., which handled the financial transactions of the bank as well as other financial dealings with several other companies linked to Bank voor Handel that were confiscated by the U.S. government during World War II.

Union Banking was seized by the government in October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act (search).

No charges were brought against Union Banking's American directors. The federal government was too busy trying to fight the war, said Donald Goldstein, a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.

"We did not have the resources to do these things," Goldstein said.

Fritz Thyssen broke with the Nazis in 1938 over their persecution of Catholics and Jews, and fled to Switzerland. He later was arrested and spent 1941 to 1945 in a Nazi prison. His brother lived in Switzerland from 1932 to 1947 but continued to operate businesses in Germany.

The new documents were first reported by freelance writer John Buchanan in The New Hampshire Gazette."

I guess this is a new fact to some people, and an established fact to others. However, it is a shame that the majority of the religious Fundamentalist Christians who endorse Bush Dynasty Policies and direct those policies using their political clout will never see or hear about this article. In my Faith, Christianity is a religion which endorses love for everyone and everything, unconditionally and in a turn your cheek kinda way, that is, forgive stuff, don't sweat the small stuff, and give stuff to those who need it.

What I find even MORE interesting, is how deep the ties were/are between some sects of Christianity and the Nazis. Is this relationship Severed? Apparently Not. Bush runs on a Christian Platform, a Fundamentalist one. Grandfather Bush was a Devoted Christian AND a Nazi Money Launderer, Bush the Snake (George) was more subdued in his pandering to the Christian right, although he kept up the family tradition, by employing and supporting well known German-Nazi Companies. Lastly, Son of Snake or Srub is a total Poser. We all know the Real W, who snorted coke, drank heavily, gambled and bankrupted the business of several of Snake's buddies.

I DO NOT think that most Fundamentalist Christians are Nazis. Far from it. Most folks I have met have been great. It is primarily the Powers that Be. WHY? Follow the Money... $$$$

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Tribute to NEXUS Male Staff : DickS in a Box

PharmaGossip's wonderful sense of blackish contemporary humor helps me over rough patches. This video made me laugh so much, when I really needed cheering that I went and found the video below, ie, the female version "My Hole in a Box." It is hysterical! Look down about 2 postings.

Although I believe that the probability of anyone from NEXUS seeing this posting is close to Zed, if one of you IGNORANT AUTHORITARIAN NON-THINKING MEN stumble here, please defend your actions in Comments. See little word COMMENT, click on it, and defend the way you treated this very skittish Kitty.

Friday, May 18, 2007

If You Are Mad that I am Right, Punk, Then Blow it Out Your....

I wasn't that far off in my analysis of the A PRIORI vicious negative spin against Michael Moore's SICKO by the apologist PHARMA bloggers. Its a shame. Why didn't they at least PRETEND to keep an open mind, rather than parroting government FAUX NEWs...

"Earlier, Weinstein told journalists that the film’s negative had been spirited from the US to prevent government attempts to seize it. “It was like a middle-of-the-night operation from a spy novel, moving your negative to another country,” he said."

This quote was courtesy of PharmaGossip via some Cannes report... Title from Luddy -Have a good weekend!

Sometimes things just "Wind Me Up"

This is a hot FAN version. I am fine, just a bit wound up :)

PharmaGossip: Cheering Me Up Again

Every night before bed, I try to catch up on my Reader postings. I always save PharmaGossip and PharmaGiles for my guilty pleasureful reading after a very long and horrible day. Some times the posts are so funny that I have to pass them on to my friends ASAP. Hey, everyone needs a good laugh.

So the above is a "video response" to PharmaGossip, who posted "My Dick in a Box". Thanks for the cheer!

Is the Benign Cancer such is GOOGLE Search, Turning Malignant?

From IgniteBLOG: The Perfect Storm: Where Marketing, Technology, and Healthcare Converge - "Google is undertaking the most radical change to its search results ever, introducing a "Universal Search" system that will blend listings from its news, video, images, local and book search engines among those it gathers from crawling web pages.

This posting sends shivers down my back, and my fur is standing along my spine. This is REALLY scary stuff. Think about it! They will search everything. That is, all the web, all books, TV, radio, images, video, AND last but not least, ALL TERABYTE drives AND your PC's hard drive.
This way, when little David goes looking up James Blunt songs on Myspace, and he uses GOOGLE search without quotes, he could easily click on the HARD DRIVE search, and come up with Mommy's case notes, where a patient had a psychotic delusion involving Mr. Blunt.

I am guessing that GOOGLE might respond - "That is not OUR responsibility, its the fault of the Mommy. She should of set the 45 permissions up correctly to protect the privacy of her files when she installed GOOGLE DESKTOP." What is so laughingly absurd about this argument, is that as a Kitty that has to fix many computers belonging to MD Mamas, there is NO WAY in hell, that most of them can NOT even understand what is being asked by the check boxes. It is TOO easy to forget to check a box, and inadvertently violate HIPAA regulations.

What are the HIPPA regulations for GOOGLE DESKTOP and SEARCH ENGINES? I would appreciate being directed to URLs that discuss this issue. I am still scared...

IBM is to HOLOCAUST as GOOGLE is to _____________

Fill in the blank correctly (in my biased opinion) and you get a prize :) It doesn't count if I already told you the answer :)

I think Adam Bosworth knows that I am talking about. I think that he can clearly see a future where his POSITIVE intentions COULD possibly used for not so positive actions against private citizens. Just the fact that GOOGLE advertising searches for KEYWORDS in your private citizen Emails, would, in my small Kitty brain, seem to be very disturbing. However, no one even seems to notice. I challenge you all, to look at the sidebar when reading email. Notice the connection of the ads to your PERSONAL PRIVATE citizen words. Is this OK with all of you?

Tuna for Thought... Love and Almost Live Sushi..

"I Saw What You Did, and I Know Who YOU are!"

Smoking may make you ugly, but some things make you uglier. I am now going to pull a ROST and present my latest discovery, watching those WHO WATCH YOU!!!

I think this is so fun. I can blog away with impunity about my feelings about PHARMA using my freedom of speech (at least for the time being), and Aztrazeneca can exercise their freedom to lurk.. I enjoy them lurking, because I never get attention. This Kitty is starving for attention from the PHARMA apologists.

Let me be clear, I think pharmacological synthetics ARE necessary for treatment of disease and suffering: They are critical for the advancement of any society. However, the current greed, lack of ethics and callous disregard and contempt most of the major PHARMA companies have for the consumer, is frankly, not optimum. I believe, that I, through blogging, can help to bring up issues that may not have been considered by the marketing consultants who make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

THIS IS FREE expert advice! Average Consumers are telling PHARMA marketers what is wrong, but they are not listening!!! Rather, Christine Truelove in her new Pharma Blogs: Week in Review 5/18/07 took an interesting spin on DTC PHARMA marketing:

"Even as the value of DTC advertising continues to be questioned, the news is not all bad. Ed Silverman at Pharmalot picked up a study done by Rodale, the publisher of Prevention, Men's Health, and Women's Health magazines, which says the first reaction by consumers in seeing an ad is to find out more information about the drug. This is something the pharmaceutical industry has contended for awhile. Only 8% of consumers were stimulated by an ad to ask their physicians for that medication."
My interpretation of the finding that "the first reaction by consumers in seeing an ad is to find out more information about the drug" differs from Ms. Truelove's. It is my contention that consumers only ask, because they are not told what the new "medication" does.

I believe, although I could be wrong, that DTC ads can either:

A = HAVE TO READ SIDE EFFECT PROFILE DURING THE COMMERCIAL (e.g., "A small number of people may experience .... diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, constipation, blurred vision, headaches, impotence, fecal discharge, incontinence....) IN ORDER TO HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT THE PILL IS FOR (the indication)



Well, inquiring MINDS want to know... even I wondered, what was making that beautiful middle aged woman, jog gently down the water's edge on a beautiful beach, with a supportive, smiling man watching on... then a woman swirling her skirt in a field, then a senior citizen talking with her friends, seeming to enjoy a coffee circle.

The gap between those who ask about a drug and those who use a drug should be very wide if my hypothesis (that people are JUST curious... like kitties) is confirmed. If the PHARMA marketers are correct, then interest should be proportional to scales with a small slippage in carry through of the patients to actually fill the prescriptions.

What makes me smile, is that the PHARMA consultants (mostly ex-pharma employees) should try to think outside the box with respect to their marketing plans for the new decade. They should realize that most global citizens DO NOT think positively about pharmaceutical companies, and that they need to change their image. Pills are not like TV shows with intricate sweeps plots to tease you with, to get the numbers up. They should be used very sparingly, and only as a last resort before safe, sane and organic treatments, like behavioral activation, socialization and exercise.

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The Black Kitty - All Things Health Care Related: Peter Rost Actually Talks with Fellow WHISTLEBLOWER at AstraZenec
18th May 2007 04:30:33 spring and astrazeneca
The Black Kitty - All Things Health Care Related: Peter Rost Actually Talks with Fellow WHISTLEBLOWER at AstraZenec
18th May 2007 19:25:23 spring astrazeneca
The Black Kitty - All Things Health Care Related: Dr. Peter Rost
18th May 2007 19:25:23 spring astrazeneca
The Black Kitty - All Things Health Care Related: Dr. Peter Rost

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle - Part One

This is so &^&(*&%* audacious you have to read it to believe it. Pfizer is going DOWN, BABY. They will regret the day they messed with the Health Care Hitman. If this story doesn't give Dr. Rost his own News shows, then You ^&*'ers at CNN and CNBC are wack. Rost plays a Dan Rather... how ironic Veronica?

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Pharma Giles: Never Can Say Good- Bye

Pharma Giles: Turning Tricks For The Trade...

The lip sync version, but it cheers me :)

The liquid version:

Last Words for a While While I Do Work for $$

I wanted to say something very strongly (without using the infamous CAPS), but since I would fill way too much bandwidth writing a huge diatribe, I decided to share this song with my family, people who consider me their friend, fellow Bloggers, those who find my page when they are looking for a LA bar (wow... named after me :) ) and those who have become my friends and given me so much unexpected self-less support in VAN. Shouting out Hastings where I work, play and read.

Because I have listened to "All These Things that I have Done" by The Killers, from their HOT FUSS album for days now, I thought I would submit it for your enjoyment.

It explains to the world, why I have to do what I have to do: "I got SOUL, but I'm NOT a Solider."

You all are correct. I can't follow rules to save my life. I guess that is what it means to be A....Kitty. How do you REALLY ever, make a cat do what it doesn't want to? To quote a beautiful and intelligent woman, Heather B "No one can own a Black Kitty, a Black Kitty HAS to own you."

I apologize to everyone for my behavior as of late. I am so grateful to all of you for your kind words and deeds. See you all when the work is done. Peace, Love and QOL ++

I WAS going to do a Rost and present 2 versions of the song because I could not decide. HAHAHA, the US version of the SAME song, does NOT allow embedding and the UK (think VAN) version does. Boy, the laws about pot now apply to ROCK VIDEOS too :) It seems like they try to kill all the fun in the US. What is up with that ?

Peace & Love


I hope Mr. Activist hears the soul in the song as I do. I will miss the insight and character of Carey SO much. RIP. Its so relevant to 1/2 visiting hours :) JOKE, its ALL good :) Blues great Carey Bell featuring the King Bees live at Chans in R.I. If I really had a response to the suggestion, it would be more like:

Yea Shut UP... It Says it All

Thanks again PharmaGossip!

Its ALL About the OIL - Thanks Pharma Gossip :)

This video is courtesy of PharmaGossip Blog. This Blog was SMOKIN' this morning. I think the Alpha Dogs are ready for a RUMBLE. This is due to Rost, working up the troops with his impending anouncement today about ANOTHER Whistleblower!!! Will the Fun Never End? Its better than taking a foam bat to your couch :) Peace and Love

Pharma Giles: Johnny speaks out...

This posting is SO funny, it actually cheered ME up for a few. My favorite part is when "Johnny" says in his to his sales force:
“This needs to change. Sure, we’ve made some mistakes, but we want to become an industry that anticipates our customers needs and responds to them. We still want to carry on making buckets of money of course, but we want to be loved for it. As CEO of Phoni, I fully support any initiative that will help get the cost of healthcare down, so long as it doesn’t affect my personal salary or bonuses, of course”. (Pauses for laughter. Doesn’t get any.)"

I am STILL laughing at it!

Dr. Peter Rost Will Break ANOTHER Whistle Blower Case Today - Check Blog!

Dr. Peter Rost is the self- proclaimed "health care Hitman" formally a VP from the EVIL PHARMA Empires (Biggie P and Biggie W), who defected to use his "special powers" for the forces of good, In the course of a couple of months, he has BROKE several of the biggest health care media Whistle-blower stories GLOBALLY. His new BIG story breaks today.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Shout Out to a Great Activist

Yesterday, was both the best and worst of days. The worst was that I have a very ill friend and that the Huskies are nipping at me again, forgetting that they COULD play nicely with this little Kitty. As a result, this Kitty might be too ill for work this week. Nasty Kitty Lashings just makes this Kitty bear down her ears, hissssss, and flee.

The BEST is this SHOUT OUT to an activist who will someday be leading the North American Union. I would could have SOUL AND be HIS SOLDIER. Mr. Activist (and partner and kind associates) YOU ALL ROCK. Thank you for your selfless, invisible, YET HUGE contribution to the happiness and education of Humans. I hope you like the image.

This picture is also courtesy of Pharma Gossip Insider, a very funny and informative Blogger, whose Blog I read everyday. Like Pharma Giles, Pharam Gossip is very entertaining, timely, and gives the correct message in my biased opinion. Cheers!

An Open Letter from Michael Moore to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

Thank you Pharma Gossip for Posting this Letter, so I repost it. Everyone, please support THIS film. There is nothing that has this potential to make a political impact on the U.S. health care system. Please enjoy among yourselves and PASS IT ON!

SiCKO - An Open Letter from Michael Moore to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20220

May 11, 2007

Secretary Paulson,

I am contacting you in light of the document sent to me dated May 2, 2007, which was received May 7, 2007 indicating that an investigation has been opened up with regards to a trip I took to Cuba with a group of Americans that included some 9/11 heroes in March 2007 related to the filming of my next documentary, on the American Healthcare system. SiCKO, which will be seen in theaters this summer, will expose the health care industry’s greed and control over America’s political processes.

I believe that the decision to conduct this investigation represents the latest example of the Bush Administration abusing the federal government for raw, crass, political purposes. Over the last seven years of the Bush Presidency, we have seen the abuse of government to promote a political agenda designed to benefit the conservative base of the Republican Party, special interests and major financial contributors. From holding secret meetings for the energy industry to re-writing science findings to cooking the books on intelligence to the firing of U.S. Attorneys, this Administration has shown time and time again that it will abuse its power and authority.

There are a number of specific facts that have led me to conclude that politics could very well be driving this Bush Administration investigation of me and my film.

First, the Bush Administration has been aware of this matter for months (since October 2006) and never took any action until less than two weeks before SiCKO is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and a little more than a month before it is scheduled to open in the United States.

Second, the health care and insurance industry, which is exposed in the movie and has expressed concerns about the impact of the movie on their industries, is a major corporate underwriter of President George W. Bush and the Republican Party, having contributed over $13 million to the Bush presidential campaign in 2004 and more than $180 million to Republican candidates over the last two campaign cycles. It is well documented that the industry is very concerned about the impact of SiCKO. They have threatened their employees if they talk to me. They have set up special internal crises lines should I show up at their headquarters. Employees have been warned about the consequences of participating in SiCKO. Despite this, some employees, at great risk to themselves, have gone on camera to tell the American people the truth about the health care industry. I can understand why that industry's main recipient of its contributions -- President Bush -- would want to harass, intimidate and potentially prevent this film from having its widest possible audience.

And, third, this investigation is being opened in the wake of misleading attacks on the purpose of the Cuba trip from a possible leading Republican candidate for president, Fred Thompson, a major conservative newspaper, The New York Post, and various right wing blogs.

For five and a half years, the Bush administration has ignored and neglected the heroes of the 9/11 community. These heroic first responders have been left to fend for themselves, without coverage and without care. I understand why the Bush administration is coming after me -- I have tried to help the very people they refuse to help, but until George W. Bush outlaws helping your fellow man, I have broken no laws and I have nothing to hide.

I demand that the Bush Administration immediately end this investigation and spend its time and resources trying to support some of the real heroes of 9/11.


Michael Moore

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posted by insider at 7:31 AM

Monday, May 14, 2007

QAD - Questioning Authority Disorder - DSJR-1 Definition

Phillip Dawdy, the Blogger responsible for the content of Furious Seasons called for a description of the new “syndromal level hypomania or bipolar 2 NOS sub-threshold disorder.” Since Clinical Psychology Blog and Phillip have been extensively researching this new diagnosis that enables PHARMA to push yet another set of possibly non-efficacious and certainly off label indications for rehashing of old molecules. With my total bias on the table, and in “Giles” I nominate QAD or QUESTIONING AUTHORITY DISORDER.

Patient must have at least 3 of the following SYMPTOMS to meet CRITERIA. To meet criteria the patient (I will use this because this is an indication of how I believe MDs feel I would NEVER use this language myself.. ever so don't flame me) must have 3 of the following life impairments:

1. .Thinking Independently (TI). These are patients who can think for themselves and not blindly follow the rules of their immediate socio-geographic or bio-psychophysical environments. Examples of this disorder are people who are passionate about a mission with intensity and feelings, or to quote Dr. Killer “They got soul, but they are not soldiers”1.

2. Rapid Emotional Cycling (REC) – Due to the patients’ brain chemistry and not their life stress or environment (hurricanes, child abuse, rape, war) the patients demonstrate labiality during normal conversations that takes the forms of laughter, tears, hand gesturing, and anger. Special severity codes should be billed if the patient experiences more than .4 of the therapy time angry at the therapist. A good differential should eliminate actors, Italians, street performers and teenagers

3. Sleep Deprivation (SD) – this symptom can lead to serious medical complications and needs to be treated STAT with a host of efficacious synthetics. Examples of this symptom are when a patient reports that they only slept 3 to 5 hours and upon rising, worked for several hours at home, before working a full day at the office. This is a life impairing symptom, and must be stopped at all costs. If the patient reports that this symptom is “manageable” then remind the patient, that thinking that way, IS part of QAD, and therefore, questioning ANY of the symptoms, immediately adds a severity code to the diagnosis.

4. Losing Weight (LW) – despite our drive to improve the health of our patients using guilt, ostracism, radical surgery, starvation, mouth wiring and PHARMA methodologies, our patients are still fat. Depressed people tend to gain weight, even when they feel sick as dogs. For this reason, when patients develop QAD and manifest weight loss, providers need to treat this condition STAT, by giving them medications that can get these obese depressed patients to maintain their weight, because if they lose weight, they are very sick, and in need of treatment for their health risk behaviors.

5. Passionate Productivity (PP) – Patients with PP will be highly successful in whatever they choose to do with their skills. However this is a very serious life threatening symptom that demands immediate medical intervention. A provider should immediately question the patient about the impulsivity of the relationship between the patient and their said “passion”, “mission” or “calling to help others.” Examples of people who could use intervention would be zealots calling for medication as a third line intervention for mental illness as opposed to first line, and those working to serve the disadvantaged such as those who give up large incomes to work in charitable pursuits.

6. Over Productivity (OP) – This symptom applies to patients who do at least 2 full time jobs. For example, mothers who work full time, run a family and are partnered are good examples of those who are over productive. Medication should be titrated immediately to a dose effective to overcome this symptom and induce normal “couch potato” behavior and give the patient release from the burden of OP).

7. Excessive Connection Disorder (ECD) – this new sub- sub- syndrome has tremendous health implications. Just because the medical community or populous just doesn't understand the content of information proffered by a patient with this disorder, it still demands immediate treatment. This includes changing patient reality using psychotherapeutic methods or by chemical induction. Patients with ECD are extremely treatment resistant and non-compliant, due to an excess of information often gathered from the internet or disease specific support groups. This includes but is no way limited to individuals who believe contrary to popular opinion about medical reality, those who believe in conspiracy theories, those who question authority and those who promote alternative view points. Severity codes should be added for patients who present more than one page of printed and documented treatment related information, or those who question MD authority.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pharma Giles: Rost for Pfizer CEO...And Black Kitty for Head of HR :)

News Flash! It is not great enough, that Cheney gets accused of being the big JOHN we know he is, but, I get a NEW job :)

This new to-die-for working environment is lead by our fearless CEO - Dr. Peter Rost, Health Care Whistle Blower and the preeminent Clinical Psychiatriy (CP - see sidebar for both blogs)is going to have an office down the hall, where he is in charge of the RCTs for Atypical psychotics. I get to run HR, because, Giles says "I am a people person." Purrrrr. This Kitty likes hearing that, especially these days of intense transition for me in my work.

As head of Human Resources, I would encourage, CONSUMERS of PHARMA products and those who are in recovery, to PLEASE apply. You will be given first priority over those who are too normal. I will also only hire those who are supportive of the NICE model of office management, and are the kind of workers, you would want to go to dinner with.

As for the drug reps, they would have to undergo intensive training by Phillip (Furious Seasons), the Insider, and the brilliant folks on the "Health Care Renewal blog." All reps would be chosen again, from a consumer database. Reps would be required to provide to every practice or institution, a billable charitable service, for each dollar they spend on detailing. In addition, we would recruit consumers, who have EXPERIENCED the medications that they will need to promote. Therefore, I would ONLY hire cancer survivors to promote cancer drugs, HIV/AIDs positive individuals to detail HIV/AIDs drugs, and of course horney old men to market drugs for ED. In fact, all ED drug reps need to be pver 65 years of age.

Now, to hire our marketing firm and lawyers, I will once again only use those companies whose missions align with ours. For example, our company WOULD BAN DTC marketing. Rather they would have free information centers in every city, where medical staff INDEPENDENT of the company could be available to answer the questions of prescribers and consumers.

Lastly, because I am a Kitty, I would hire the Sushi Chef from Nobu to come in every Friday (Fetish dress day) :))

Giles rocks :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

VP Cheney, while CEO of Halliburton, was a client of the escort service...

Cheney, while CEO of Halliburton, was a client of the escort service of DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. In addition, one of Cheney's closest military advisers and friends was also a client of the DC Madam's Pamela Martin & Associates escort service.For some reason digg don't take the story source link:

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Lee lets loose on - Washington D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey

Escort Agency owner speaks out on where he stands on Palfrey and "outing" clients.

A direct quote from the article "written" by an Escort agency owner.

"In life, War and in business there are (in my opinion) things you just DON’T do!

As every man knows (yes I know she’s not a man work with me here) or should know having been taught by his (her) father, one of many simple principles. In this case a couple come to mind:

1) If you’re going to run with the big dogs expect to get bit.
2) If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
3) If you can’t take a “hit” then don’t try to be a quarterback.

Ms. Palfrey was no stranger to this business, she knew the risks and now as she stands before the Piper she doesn’t want to pay up.

Well Gentlemen, let me be very clear on my “opinion” and personal view on her and this whole affair.

You DON’T kiss and tell, you DON’T become a snitch and give up Clients!!! If you must write a Book, DON’T NAME NAMES!!!!"

Who thinks that this fake looking web page is PR SPIN? This Black Kitty, is angry at the hypocrites. I think this is impeachable, from such a pure personifcation of EVIL - Cheney.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pharma Giles: School For Scandal...

This spoof of the recent Cupcake Controversy that I helped spawn (I know, seems strange for a Kitty to care about Cupcakes, since I don't eat much sugar), is very funny. I am so glad PHARMA Giles returned to blogging. His/her sense of humor is priceless. Thanks for this :)

PharmaGossip: Congress: Bought and paid for by Big Pharma

PharmaGossip: Congress: Bought and paid for by Big Pharma
Can you believe that Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell BOTH voted against re-importation of medications from Canada? Is this because they represent a State, Washington, that borders Canada? Did PHARMA get to these two liberal Democratic women? They both campaigned for health care reform, listening to the populous, working class roots, and working for the voice of families.

Their voting seems contrary to their campaign promises. Does anyone care? I wish that every person who can not take their prescribed medications due to the cost, and would like their PHARMA costs halved, PLEASE write your Senators.

Thanks, and Peace Out.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost: AstraZeneca's pink cupcakes cause cat fight. According to John Mack.

Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost: AstraZeneca's pink cupcakes cause cat fight. According to John Mack.
Check out the cool pictures on this posting. Those big Cats are awesome! This was an exciting and sad day for this old Black Cat. The blogging late into the night, was mistaken for a wild woman rage, my bad. But the content was valid. John Mack felt that Chris Truelove and I were battling out the Pink Cupcake Marketing. However, Chris and I agreed on more points than we disagreed. And she (and I think John Mack) are willing to listen to NON ranting, heart felt feedback on DTC and other PHARMA campaigns.

Also today, along a Rost-type plot, the job description for my replacement was placed, without telling me, and in the middle of negotiations. I only found out because the email was sent to me by my "pal." That is the way they announced my "resignation" from that position. Given, that I have not signed the letter of resignation, and that I was in on going talks, and that they SCREWED my staff (that is bad), and they have been sued for this very reason before.

You, John Mack, ended up laying down, and playing with me on my own level, just like the Husky dog in the aforementioned video below.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Black Kitty is Inspired by White Kitty and Plays An Alpha Dog

Pharma BlogoSphereTM: Hey Guys! A Kitty Fight!

Please click on the link to see John Mack's comments about my rant against DTC marketing and this particular campaign. Since I would like to have this 5 minutes to tell this TOP PHARMA Marketing CEO my humble opinions, and I want to do it repectfully and in a way that encourages a discussion of these very important issues. It is my most positive of intentions, to help improve PHARMA marketing, because I support PHARMA industry in its current incarnation, about the same way I support the Bush Reign in the U.S. That is, I believe in the Country and the Office, but not its current practices, policies and ethics.

I am praying that Research Girl and other experts in the theories of communication and their interaction with Marketing Principles will speak up by commenting on Pharma Blogosphere about this, or on this page. I think hearing this information from other Women and Cancer Survivors or their Family Members would also help Dr. Mack, better formulate to the PHARMA companies that he is involved with, more articulate feedback than I could every give.

If you have a BEEF against direct to consumer (DTC) PHARMA CURRENT marketing in ALL media, and in your workplace, please comment on Dr. Mack's blog, or my blog, or ANY of these marketing blogs. If you believe as I do, that these companies advertise in a less than optimum way, and you can offer CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, not rants (like I unfortunately tend to do- follow my words not my example :)) this is a RARE chance to be heard.

Cheers! Love, Peace, and high quality of Life for Health Care Consumers,

Dr. Black Kitty

I hope you all have a great day, and I will respond after I Keep My Day Job.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is SO Funny - Thanks PharmaGossip!

Breaking News: Something Happening In Haiti
This post is what I see now, whenever I am unfortunate enough to watch media coverage of anything breaking. I can't tell whether this is true, or a spoof - but then again who cares?