Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Shout Out to a Great Activist

Yesterday, was both the best and worst of days. The worst was that I have a very ill friend and that the Huskies are nipping at me again, forgetting that they COULD play nicely with this little Kitty. As a result, this Kitty might be too ill for work this week. Nasty Kitty Lashings just makes this Kitty bear down her ears, hissssss, and flee.

The BEST is this SHOUT OUT to an activist who will someday be leading the North American Union. I would could have SOUL AND be HIS SOLDIER. Mr. Activist (and partner and kind associates) YOU ALL ROCK. Thank you for your selfless, invisible, YET HUGE contribution to the happiness and education of Humans. I hope you like the image.

This picture is also courtesy of Pharma Gossip Insider, a very funny and informative Blogger, whose Blog I read everyday. Like Pharma Giles, Pharam Gossip is very entertaining, timely, and gives the correct message in my biased opinion. Cheers!

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