Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Should PHARMA Have Their Own TV Station? PHARMA Central?

It would be a JOKE to consider a PHARMA sponsored network, as anything more than another QBC or Marketing Channel. I don't believe that most consumers of PHARMA synthetics really believe that PHARMA will give them UNBIASED information about medications, nor do they believe that IN GENERAL, the PHARMA Industry is in it for anything but the bottom line.

It was very interesting, that PHARMAGOSSIP posted this, and the post that follows. The post below basically says what I was nagging about - most consumers think PHARMA IS SHADY, SKETCHY, GREEDY, BIASED, AND UNETHICAL.

This is a very serious breach of trust between patients and their medication providers.

I always say, you know the answer to your health care problem, its on the door. That is, if you go to a surgeon, then most likely you will get a surgical solution. If you go to the PCP you will get a pill and if you go to a physical therapist, you will get physical therapy.

So, if you go to a PHARMA company for information, you are going to get synthetics.


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