Thursday, May 31, 2007

Opposite of Ahedonia: Everything Will Be Alright - I Promise

Please stop worrying. I am beginning to hear what people who care are saying. You all, its gonna take some time. I was told I don't like anything that I USED to like. SO, because I AGREE that I don't like many things that used to amuse me, I am trying to look at the guilty pleasures that I used to enjoy and determine IF they still mean anything to me at all.

Here is the list of things that I used to enjoy, that now I really don't care for.

1. TV - I was a total tv addict most of my life. I have TIVO, WMC * 3, JOOST, ZEN VISION and many other ways to continually watch TV. I used to LOVE the O.C. (above with my message to my loved ones). I watched this video and it evoked many emotions. I did feel for those folks, I did love to watch that show. Now, I do have feelings, but I have no interest in watching that or any of "my shows" anymore. I hope this is okay. My family doesn't watch much TV, it was all me.

2. MOVIES - my family sees just about every movie. Most of my life, WE had OSCAR parties and loved seeing every single nominated movie. We used to go to 3 or 4 movies in a day!!!! Now, honestly, and if this is sick... okay... The only movie I can imagine going to see is SICKO. Because I UNCONDITIONALLY support MICHAEL MOORE.

3. MY HOME TOWN - It just does nothing for me. I try to recall its original attractions and why I loved it so much. It boils down to GREEN. I love the PCness (but not too much), the GREEN, the nature, all the big tall trees, and most of all I love my yard and my own redwood tree.

4. ARGUING - I just can't stand to argue anymore, but it seems like that is my normal discourse with most people. In my wack kat mind, when I sincerely believe that I am correct, I don't back down.

5. North American LAWS - I keep questioning our laws, our war, our invasion of countries, our prison rates, our insane drug war, and all of the rest of the BUSH reigning disaster.

I am also including some more versions of this song... well.. cause I can....

Peace, Love, and trying to remember why I liked Evening Soaps

Although this one has Tom Cruise, who I refuse to watch in any form, given his anti-psychiatry funding, I love the VAMPIRES... they rock.. I STILL love ANNE RICE in all forms... and incarnations

This show, ONE TREE HILL was another favorite of mine. I don't know why they call it NALEY when HER name was HALEY.. but I guess it is an inside joke. I watched every episode of OTH, like the OC, and Anne Rice....enjoy

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