Monday, May 7, 2007

Black Kitty is Inspired by White Kitty and Plays An Alpha Dog

Pharma BlogoSphereTM: Hey Guys! A Kitty Fight!

Please click on the link to see John Mack's comments about my rant against DTC marketing and this particular campaign. Since I would like to have this 5 minutes to tell this TOP PHARMA Marketing CEO my humble opinions, and I want to do it repectfully and in a way that encourages a discussion of these very important issues. It is my most positive of intentions, to help improve PHARMA marketing, because I support PHARMA industry in its current incarnation, about the same way I support the Bush Reign in the U.S. That is, I believe in the Country and the Office, but not its current practices, policies and ethics.

I am praying that Research Girl and other experts in the theories of communication and their interaction with Marketing Principles will speak up by commenting on Pharma Blogosphere about this, or on this page. I think hearing this information from other Women and Cancer Survivors or their Family Members would also help Dr. Mack, better formulate to the PHARMA companies that he is involved with, more articulate feedback than I could every give.

If you have a BEEF against direct to consumer (DTC) PHARMA CURRENT marketing in ALL media, and in your workplace, please comment on Dr. Mack's blog, or my blog, or ANY of these marketing blogs. If you believe as I do, that these companies advertise in a less than optimum way, and you can offer CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, not rants (like I unfortunately tend to do- follow my words not my example :)) this is a RARE chance to be heard.

Cheers! Love, Peace, and high quality of Life for Health Care Consumers,

Dr. Black Kitty

I hope you all have a great day, and I will respond after I Keep My Day Job.

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John Mack said...


Thanks for your comments. But I need to correct my title. I am not a doctor or PhD, so I do not deserve the "Dr." title.

Also, I am not involved with any pharma company as a marketing expert. I am involved as a privacy, compliance, ethics, and technology expert. In that regard, I try to influence the errant practices of marketers -- I don't help them develop specific marketing campaigns.

I am sorry you are having employment problems.