Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Black Kitty Can NOT Save the World

My friends keep telling me, Kitty, YOU can not save the world. I know intellectually that is true; its the emotional part that gives me grief.

Yesterday I met a brilliant, yet troubled man, who was the age I was, when I gave birth to my son. Young. He was obviously of high intellectual curiosity, claiming to speak several languages, being a technical student and using his creativity in clothing design. We had a wonderful chat, and he said some very nice things to me. But what was concerning to me was that this young man, in the past couple of weeks was ingesting: alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, LSD, Seroquel, Lithium and Depakote. This made me feel very uneasy and raised the little hairs on the back of my neck.

MEOW...... Kitty wanted to nuzzle the disoriented and not totally in reality young man and lick him back to a semblance of sanity. However, who is THIS Kitty to say he is not sane? According to him, he is living independently, has friends and family who he sees regularly, goes to school and works. This sounds like the boy is functioning. That is all that really matters... in this old Kitty's mind. QOL - quality of life... so this kid.. doesn't need saving from me.. unless, of course, these very powerful chemical and natural substances interact one day.. in an unexpected manner... I pray for that young male Kitten... to drop the chemicals and keep the herbs.... Peace and Love... Domo Arigoto...

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