Friday, September 28, 2007

Under Pressure- Here is Where I am Right Now

I listened to this randomly after a very bad day at work. The words seem to say everything I was not able to express. I hope we all can follow the message and give love one more chance. "Lets change the way we are caring about ourselves." This is ourselves under pressure.

It is hard to act your best Under Pressure.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Good Doctor - Robbie Williams - I don't feel proper

Does this remind you of psychiatry? I think the pill giving is totally out of control. What do you think?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Would this Means of Traffic Control Work in the U.S.?


A Wish for Zed - Happy Labour Day to a "Friend"

I hope you die - The Bloodhound Gang.

Sometimes I think - Heaven NO! Hell YEAH! - Ode from The Bloodhound Gang

If I were God....

Happy Birthday Albert - Rest in Peace

My Dad died 2 summers ago. It was a good death, it gave him back some quality in his existance. His birthday was September 3rd. Since my Dad was sketchy to say the least, this is a fitting tribute. Enjoy. Notice the dancing.. its very cool.

Tribute to one of my FAVORITE 70's Bands - The Spinners

Please enjoy an explanation of The Spinners and a medley of their popular songs. Watching this, I can understand why I was so attracted to these guys. Their songs are classic, simplistic and stay with you. I remember standing in my place through out whole performances moving my body to these songs. I have to admit, in the days of the 70's, they were performed more passionately and a little more up tempo :)

I Will Be There - The Spinners

This is absolutely true. I love The Spinners. I went to about 20 of their performances in and around Los Angeles. I took many friends and family members to see my favorite vocal group of this kind. I searched high and low for a video of them performing this, my favorite of their songs.

Unfortunately there isn't one that I can find, so this one has the words.

This is a shout out to those who ARE in fact, there for me in real ways. Thank you.

Happy Labor Day - CLois-Paranoid Clark

I hope this song helps someone understand something. Enjoy your Labor Day.

The Placebo Effect - Baby, Did U Forget to Take Your Meds?

This song hits really close to home for me. Perhaps, that is why it was given to me by a friend. Thank you for this song. It took a while for me to adopt it cognitively, but now I own up to it and I hope you don't hold it against me.

I Do Believe There IS Something More Than This

Please enjoy Peter Gabriel performing this classic piece which usually rips at my soul. I move often between two countries. The lyric which talks about being alone, yet connected really describes my life right now. I am intimately connected to people and lives in TWO cities.

Lately, I have felt very connected in one city, and not at all connected to life in the other. This posting is in hoping that when I travel back to my city numero uno, I will feel a fraction as connected as I do right now, in my new dwelling, and with my new friends.

I know you can not be a guru in your own yard, but the difference in the way I am treated, my interactions with people, and my emotional state is so orthogonal in the two dwellings. It is my most sincere intention to meld the two places into one cool loving environment for my heart and soul to dwell, for the time being, anyway. Cheers!