Monday, September 3, 2007

I Do Believe There IS Something More Than This

Please enjoy Peter Gabriel performing this classic piece which usually rips at my soul. I move often between two countries. The lyric which talks about being alone, yet connected really describes my life right now. I am intimately connected to people and lives in TWO cities.

Lately, I have felt very connected in one city, and not at all connected to life in the other. This posting is in hoping that when I travel back to my city numero uno, I will feel a fraction as connected as I do right now, in my new dwelling, and with my new friends.

I know you can not be a guru in your own yard, but the difference in the way I am treated, my interactions with people, and my emotional state is so orthogonal in the two dwellings. It is my most sincere intention to meld the two places into one cool loving environment for my heart and soul to dwell, for the time being, anyway. Cheers!

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