Thursday, May 31, 2007

BAYER - EVIL Part II - More Evidence for the Skeptical

PharmaGiles commented very thoughfully (thank you!) about the weak link in my BAYER Posting below.

Because this was one story, where I was very hesitant to write what I was feeling, and because I didn't feel I had enough HARD PROOF to back up my crazy kitty rant, I consulted with an EXPERT on the topic of BAYER and their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

This expert, I will call Dr. EBR or (Evidence Based Rants) looked over my posting TWICE and said, that my grammer sucks... well I KNOW THAT :) My bads are what are endearing :)

Here are several other supporting materials for my contention that BAYER was directly responsible for many deaths, due to their a priori knowledge that their medication contained the HIV/AIDS virus. This company KNOWINGLY dumped a drug that cost many people their lives, and many families more torture and pain, than anyone should have to endure. Remember people, most people with hemophelia at that point were youngsters and young adults...

Please read and watch the support I provide If you still have questions, I would be SO grateful if you would comment, so I can feel justified into more research on this horrible but important topic.

Dr. EBR said to look here
and to look here
and HERE.

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