Monday, April 9, 2007

Black Kitty, Leo the Lions and Bears: Proving Them Wrong

I just wanted to thank a fellow Leo for trusting me with a view of his awesome body art. Being very drawn to large cats, the kitty that I am, purred with pleasure over the cool King of the Beasts representing on this Leo's other side. Thanks so much for sharing! Okay, if you are that curious, you will just have to find it.. somewhere on this blog. The owner of the cool Leo showed me some meaningful words that I have been thinking about all evening as I ate a Korean Dinner with two nice young men from Japan. It was like "Proving them wrong, or prove them wrong." Word.

What is so ironic, is that this young Leo is such a king of beasts. He HAS proved them wrong already.. and he is a very YOUNG lion, with many many years of ruling left. I hope he soon gets the love he deserved from a young lioness he has had his eyes on for a long time.

Peace and Love

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