Monday, April 16, 2007

33 Dead and Counting: How Do Loving Relationships Come to This?

Today I was greatly saddened by the 33 people who lost their lives on the campus of Virginia Tech. Twenty-nine are wounded. I hope they all recover swiftly. What can you blog about this?

Although "we" know little at this point, we know that supposedly the man who did the shooting was distraught over a break up with his girlfriend. Apparently, he shot up a dorm, then went to the engineering department, shot a professor and others there.

Romantic relationships can POTENTIALLY make us feel very good sometimes, and very bad sometimes. I think there should be clear public service announcements that help young adults have realistic expectations about relationships. The message could be that if a relationship is not working, LET IT GO. There are other potential relationships just around the corner. There could also be hot lines, where people can talk to supportive individuals about their relationship problems.

Working in a public hospital, I often saw people attempt suicide after being rejected from a relationship. I think it is all our duty to educate our friends, family and community, that rejection is a very bad feeling, and individuals who are vulnerable can take this rejection MUCH HARDER than the average gal/guy would. This vulnerable type of person may need some help from others or even a therapist to get past the rejection and resultant hurt and/or anger. If you have friends that need this kind of help, try to help them yourselves, by being unconditionally supportive, available at all times, and no matter how hard it is, hang in there!

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