Thursday, April 5, 2007

SHOCKER: Academic Medicine Faculty are Told: "Show Me the Money"

Health Care Renewal: Medical Schools to Faculty: "Show Me the Money"

This new post by Health Care Renewal (see Sidebar) is absolutely accurate in my experience. We are so pressured to get funding, that we don't really have time to do much else. On top of seeing patients, completing forms for billings, attending administrative meetings on an average of 1 day, writing scholarly publications, teaching medical students, residents, fellows, nursing and social work students, we are supposed to fund a good proportion of our own salaries from external grants. What slays me, is that, EVEN if we DO get the grants, they still give the more junior faculty complete services to run too!! And all this pleasure, for 1/2 of what one would make in private practice!! I have never been paid ONE CENT to teach. I teach at least 1 class a week that I have to prepare at home, on top of all of the above. Is it any wonder that the best faculty are leaving the US?

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