Sunday, April 22, 2007

Secret AstraZeneca Audio Tapes: Violation of Corporate Integrity Agreement

Dr. Rost is MORE than on fire, he is going to become the next Dan Rather (and much better looking too). This story belongs in the NY Times front page!

The bottom line is that legally and ethically a company needs to have a double blind placebo controlled trial that compares 2 medications directly, head to head. Not indirectly by - A is Better than B, and B is Better than C - therefore A is a better treatment than C?

This is only true if things are measured perfectly, without error, in a perfect world. ONE WOULD THINK that if we are dealing with PEOPLE'S LIVES HERE, the government would insist that all PHARMA marketing claims are rigorous, honest, crystal clear and explained at the appropriate intellectual level for all types of audiences... doctors to consumers.

The tapes are scary. Evil is so ordinary. That is what gives me chills.

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