Friday, April 27, 2007

Pharma Giles Calls It Quits: Very Sad Day in Humor Land

It is a very sad day in the PHARMA blogging world, one of the real good blogs, (see side panel) is ending his/her blog. Why do we assume Giles is a man? I bet he is. But, whatever the gender, Pharma Giles is entertaining, informative, and necessary. Humor is imparitive in a time when our U.S. Health care systems are being run by the PHARMA companies, and their bottom financial line.

I am sad... AND I AGREE that the bickering has gotten out of control. On all the ALPHA DOG BLOGS, I meowed and meowed for them to stop their fighting and unite in the mission. I told them to outsiders like me, it seemed that their were only subtle differences in the content between the snarky bloggers.

I will really miss reading you every day, Giles... best of luck for whatever you do in the future. And, please, if you do write again, will you direct me to the new URL?

Several other bloggers, like Furious Seasons and others whose privacy I will respect, are rethinking their blogging commitment.

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