Sunday, April 15, 2007

Powerful Men and their Influence on Women Who are Attracted to Them

It is a very interesting phenomena that powerful men no matter what they look like or what their ages are (think Kissinger or Bill Clinton), attract very beautiful women as "dates", "girlfriends", or"wives". Look at Monica Lewinski. She is a perfect example: A young lady drawn to a very powerful man who was twice her age because he is very sexual and wants her!

Recently, I personally observed this phenomena involving a man who is very charismatic and a globally recognized leader of a small segment of a very liberal global community. He is about 50, and has a wife who is 22. But this is not enough sexual validation for this man;. he still feels he needs to try to "get close to" just about any women who shows him the interest that he certainly is due within his environmental context.

I actually thought this man was like Hugh Hefner. Since his wife is very young, and he is frequently surrounded by his very young attractive "fans," I mistakenly thought he was bedding all his cute young female fans. He also led me to believe that this was the case.

Well the researcher-clinician in me (I take after Research Girl - see sidebar) had to try to understand the heads of these beautiful young fans with respect to sex with an attractive daddy-type more than double their age. So, I engaged these women (much harder than engaging young men for me :)) in an attempt to sort out their self-reported feelings about his groping behavior.

From observing their behavior personally, they appear to others (and myself) to ENJOY his fondling and sexual talk. I questioned 4 different women: They ranged in age from early 20s to late 30's, and they all shared the characteristic of being attractive women of various general types. Most of them are highly aware of Mr.'s wife, and they uniformly think she is beautiful inside and out.

What I found to be fascinating, is that when I actually spoke with these women who have shown that they are attracted to this powerful charismatic man like a moth to a bright outdoor light, NONE OF THEM have told me that they wanted to have sex with him. They really JUST WANT TO HANG OUT WITH HIM, AND ABSORB SOME OF THE POWER. HOWEVER, this doesn't defer the man, either in his real life behavior (or in what he tells other people) from trying to fondle, snuggle, and bed these enthusiastic women. I HAVE NOT FOUND ONE WOMEN WHO WANTS TO GO DOWN THE STAIRS TO HIS BED.

So here is the question for this posting. If you have the answer - PLEASE COMMENT.
Why don't the women tell Mr. Powerful to keep his hands and tongue to himself? Besides the obvious reason of not wanting to leave the "magic circle," and receive all the perks of being on his arm, something ELSE must be allowing these assertive women with fairly good boundaries and mental health to endure his constant behaviors, while at the same time they befriend his wife (FYI - they DO NOT have an open relationship).

My conclusion is that they know he is just playing. Its just his nature, his personality, and it has served him well for many years. They don't really take it seriously. They view his groping, more like a mild annoyance, the small price to be paid to be in the inner sphere. Maybe his wife has the same attitude. Maybe she appreciates his flirting abilities, and knows there will be no ACTUAL conclusions to his "harmless" groping and plotting.

His womanizing reputation (like Bill's) is both a big plus and a big minus. The plus is, that he is looks like Hugh Hefner to the outside world. The minus is that in the greater community his behavior DETRACTS from his MESSAGE. Society can invalidate the MESSAGE due to the MESSENGER'S BEHAVIOR. Maybe given the events that MAY happen in this man's future, I would behave as he does. Who knows? Who should be the judge of anyone's behavior? This Kitty doesn't go there.

Lastly, this posting is not a rant or attack on this great man (and I sincerely mean a man of great deeds who puts himself out there). I personally love so much about this man. He IS attractive, charismatic and he definitely is a man who HAS changed history. Am I also attracted to him? This Black Kitty has definitely rubbed around his ankles looking for attention; a nice petting or scratch behind the ears. The warmth of his eyes and hands on my fur IS very moving, however the eyes of his incredibly beautiful (inside and out) wife, makes this Kitty scamper into the dark recesses of the closet of safety. Thanks for the attention, Mr. Powerful. Also, THANK YOU for all your work to insure my PERSONAL FREEDOMS.

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