Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Long Good-Bye - Come Back Sweet Sheba

Believe it or NOT!! The Department of PHARMA decided that I actually would live longer, be healthier, happier and better behaved in the Northern Wilderness instead of caged in their ivory high rise. The Viper Vioxx decided that he would understand my yearnings for culture, good food, positive friends and health care for everyone. He actually hissed sympathetically.

SuperHealth's main villain, Lex Luvox, sneered, and decided that non-PHARMA strategies could be used for first, second and third line treatments before PHARMA set in, and asked me to try to evaluate the treatment most requested by our State's consumers, CLUB HOUSES.

The sweet Nun, Sister Nardill went into several weeks of bureaucratic meditation, and as a result, decided that reporting other Nuns to Mother Superior and the Bishop, might not be the best way to influence people and make friends. She then sentenced herself to an endless career of shuffling papers in the back halls of the Rectory, and carrying water buckets full of rocks back and forth between the cathedral and the rectory.

Sir Lionheart cheered me on, while Dr. Quixote, actually started dismantling his series of electricity generating windmills, and waved me on.

And all the servants went through their desks and purses looking for something to give me, to remember them by. Meanwhile I left gold chocolate on everyone's desk.. a sweet goodbye.

"We will visit you in the Great North" they shouted, waving... as I slipped on my pack and trotted down the stairs... tears in my eyes... both happy and sad. Peace. Shalom. Love.

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Research Girl said...

Lex Luvox!!! I love you Dr. BK.