Monday, April 23, 2007

Pharma BlogoSphereTM: Black Kitty Loves Us Alpha Dogs and Vice Versa

COULD THIS WEEK GET ANY BETTER?? I came home dead tired from a mind blowing great 4-20-07 in stupendous Vancouver BC, and I was feeding myself before going to bed early, and I saw this post from Pharma BlogSpot's Dr. John Mack (I assume he is a doctor, although I don't know for sure). His post feels like such a great honor to me that I am really speechless. For me, my friends will tell you (and my not friends too) that is very unusual :) Thank you, Dr. Mack, for the great EDITING job, which calmed my heart, when it hit high palpitations when I read the title of this post *blush*.

I copied the whole post below, or you can click on the link if you like. I hope this doesn't violate the blogger rules, but the credits all go to Pharma BlogoSphere, who put his blog where his words lay. This morning, he asked for beginning bloggers and others, to submit the mission of their blog to him. This was so gallant and positive, that I couldn't resist. Also, knowing that serious intellectuals and those with good humor about PHARMA (sorta kinda) MIGHT actually read this blog from time, keeps me on the straight and narrow, in terms of topics to post.

A big purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)
Monday, April 23, 2007

Black Kitty Loves Us Alpha Dogs and Vice Versa

BK, author of the blog "The Black Kitty - All Things Health Care Related" sent the following message of love and peace to us "alpha dogs" of the Pharma BlogosphereTM in a comment to a recent post on this blog. I thought it deserved more prominence!

As an outsider closely observing your alpha dog PHARMA blogger WARS, I can say, that in my very HUMBLE and RESPECTFUL opinion, you all should really stop focusing so much on the negatives in each others work product and use your positive intentions to build up all bloggers who share, lets say 50% or more common information or linkages to your sites.

Its a big cluster f*&*( to those who peak in for the first time). YOU ALL link so intensely to each other, I actually thought you were all one person. You don't sound even write all that differently in style. Except, Dr. Rost and Pharma Giles who are both unique, very informative, timely, and funny as hell at times.

Even little tic unread blogs like mine, Black Kitty at gcic. love getting recognition from you big dog health care bloggers.

There are several exceptionally good blogs trying to break in to get to your levels of popularity (e.g., clinical psych, furious seasons, pharma-analyst, WSP).

I believe that YOU as a community are committed to getting other men into your ALPHA DOG network of top health care blogers. You all are doing a good job of helping SOME of them.

I received PRICELESS help from Dr. Rost. Just mentioning my blog on his, gets me 100 hits in a few hours. That IS BIG TIME FOR ME. It makes me and my family really happy to see the increasing bang on analytics.. totally provided courtesy of Dr. Rost.

Thank you, TO ALL OF YOU. I LOVE reading and commenting and being a general pain in the ass.

I AM a very good statistican, and if you want to talk data analysis of your blogger survey or more objective measurement(for free) let me know.

Love and Peace,

Dr. BK
Black Kitty sounds like someone we should get to know better, even though she does seem a bit enamored of Peter Rost!

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Dr. BK said...

It is true, John, I am. I can't tell you why, it certainly isn't rational. The best explanation that I can come up with, is that he represents the changes that I need to make, only in a WAY bigger ALPHA DOG way, compared to this timid Kitty.

Rost is the personification of a media Whistleblower. He tried to do the right thing at the right time, was NOT appreciated, lost TONS, and then like a phoenix, rose from the flames to make a great blogger.

My question is, unlike YOU, who has a marketing job (need a rebel statistician?), Rost, has books, movies and the infamous second book.

It seems very intimidating to drop a 6 figure income for uncertainty and ethics. *SIGH*