Sunday, April 22, 2007

THC May Halt Lung Cancer Growth: A Valid Pilot Study

Mice and cell lines were used to test Marijuana based THC effect on cancer tumors and cancerous cells. The mice tumors were reduced by MJ during a 3 week period. They had a 60% in the growth in the tumors, in comparison to control rats. This seems to work by limiting blood flow to the tumor. Cannabinoids seem to cause selective cell suicide. In this HARVARD study, the researchers speculated that THC BLOCKS A CANCER CAUSING PROTEIN.

Because this is THC, WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR A HUMAN CANCER TREATMENT. This is because THERE IS NO PROFIT IN IT, YET FOR PHARMA. Who will fund this???? Don't you all think the National Institute of Health should fund studies like this??? WRITE TO YOUR LEGISLATURE!

Some news reports, quoted "independent" researchers, they were concerned that the mice seemed "intoxicated" with a loss in coordination and increase of appetite. THESE ARE THE BAD SIDE EFFECTS???? Compared to any other potential molecule, with a 60% reduction in the tumor size, it is SHOCKING, TO TRADE OFF HUMAN CURES BECAUSE GOD FORBID THEY MIGHT HAVE A STIMULATED APPETITE OR INTOXICATION. COMPARED TO THE TOXIC SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMO... GIVE ME A BREAK.... MEOOOOOWWWWWW!

Enlightened people need to be proud of the fact they can use THC responsibily and can use their brains to decide the treatments they need best. No study has shown any difference between those who indulge and those who do not.

In this VERY PILOT study, it seems, that THC may be PROTECTIVE in some forms of lung cancer. This is a localized treatment.

However, taking restraints off of this type of research AND STARTING HUMAN RESEARCH will be very difficult. I HOPE it happens soon! I believe that we will end prohibition of THC in my life time. Pot Politics - Mitch - Catnip Science.

PLEASE look at the data. Adults CAN use Marijuana for medical reasons. WE NEED to start, in the United States. The penalty for MJ should be correlated closely where the PENALTY should be proportional TO THE HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS! Should the penalty fit the crime?

This Kitty thinks catnip should be grown where she lives. Some cats LOVE catnip, yet others, have no response to it at all. Some cats even chase their

If you are sincere, talk to the "normal" folks at McD's, become an educator and resource to others about the medicinial characteristics of catnip.

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