Friday, April 27, 2007

PharmaGossip: Lilly - Reconcile: pets on Prozac

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Lilly - Reconcile: pets on Prozac

This is not a belated April Fools' Day story in BusinessWeek :

Eli Lilly and Co., which built its reputation on insulin and antidepressant Prozac, launched its first prescription medicine for pets on Friday.

The company will market Reconcile, a beef-flavored chewable fluoxetine tablet that helps treat dogs for separation anxiety, in the United States.

I knew this was coming. My Kitty Vet was prescribing Prozac for Kitties over 5 years ago. He got in trouble (with who, I don't know) and was not allow to prescribe it, or Interferon for Kitties any more.

I think this is where PHARMA is going... to the dogs. Us CATS are too damn smart to be bothered with these Doggie drugs. In my opinion, Pets should BE like Prozac (theoretically not literally): They should make us feel less depressed and not give us side effects that we find intolerable. My boys.. Simon and Theo.. they are the Kitty loves of my life...

I think the REAL study that is screaming to be actualized, is a trial comparing head on, the psychiatric disorders in the OWNERS of PETS who ask for DOGGIE PROZAC in contrast to matched dogs and owners who would never think of asking for DOGGIE PROZAC . Is asking for Reconcile a projection of the owner's mood state? Is it M√ľnchhausen by Pet?? Is it a disparate attempt to call to the attentions of a doctor (albeit a Vet) the owner's inability to "bond" with their pet. Or just maybe... your pet actually thinks you are sub par.. and considers its life... well... depressing.

How much time do you spend playing with your pet?

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