Saturday, April 21, 2007

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times

Yesterday was 4-20, or National Pot Day in Canada. There was a large rally for Marijuana in the center of Downtown Vancouver. I thought it was a mind altering experience, and certainly one I will never forget. Although mostly young people, there was a great mix of supportive and generally, excellent folks participating. The fact that people unite for medical marijuana, decriminalization and end to prohibition, to me rocks the whole planet! I met medical MJ users, who are legal card carriers, and use THC for ails from stress, depression and PTSD to Leukemia, HIV/AIDs symptoms, and arthritis.

I wore my "Free the Vancouver 3" T-shirt that I had purchased a CC, had my lawn chair, food, water, happiness, great company, good weather, a bag full of stash crafts to GIVE AWAY and a big prize. Except for a few drunken testosterone filled young men, the crowd was very cool.

Shout out to the MC, David, for doing a great job, and tossing out huge amounts of rolled MJ for the crowd; it felt like a world, that I knew, long ago, back in the day!! Shout out to the handsome man in the woven hat and shades, who along with a beautiful woman, put me in a cab home at the end of an exhausting day. What INCREDIBLE ACTS OF KINDNESS. Thank you!

A special 4-20 shout out to two different kind and patient Ben's and a Great Chef, who was very enticing. Bravo to all the kind men and women.. for being so kind to a strange kitty. I saw a very cute young woman dressed as a cat.. .she rocked, and got a free Kitty Made Stash holder. I also met another very nice young lady, who loved containers as much as me It was a privileged to be able to give her some of my art.

Today on the very positive side, I bought several pairs of great shoes at the most famous of Vancouver shoe sales, Army - Navy store. This was my first shoe buying binge in years. Believe me when I say, I am now well stocked with shoes. I also bought a new purse and a suitcase to carry it all home on the bus. This is all good. I also bought party attire of a very young and sexy nature. This was an investment in my kitty esteem. Worth every Penny... even if only RRR sees it!!
sad girl The sad part of the story, is that The Prince decided, after sharing happiness with me and Isis in his office the hour before, that I was a "borderline stalker" and an "exhausting drain" on him (and his wife was implied).

Wow, this totally came out of the blue for me. Is the Prince suddenly allergic to Cats? Or did the Prince read my Blog? Isis is pure of heart and doesn't share said beliefs about this Kitty. Rock on, beautiful, intelligent Isis!!

I don't think the Prince would take the time to read my blog. Therefore, I have to conclude that the Prince currently dislikes this Kitty.

I am aware that I don't control what others think of me, and frankly, in this case, I am saddened rather than angry, due the loss of potential. However, to quote, RG, a TRUE friend "Its TIME, to put it DOWN." RG, is correct as usual. It IS time.

This is a good thing all around. The fine gentlemen of "no means no" shirt and my favorite named one with killer hair and eyes, were witnesses to the fact that all was well when they were there. As soon as they left, I went down to pack up my big suitcase of retail therapy, and I was surprised with some very hurtful words from the Prince who to quote his interview "never hurts anyone." Well YOU hurt me, but that is not YOUR fault, it is mine. I have a problem with what you said, not you as a person. You said what you felt, as you always seem to do. Power to the Prince, he will need it in the months to come. I wish him all positive outcomes.

My response is that the Kitty glares, ears back.. turns, throws up her tail.. and runs to the nearest exit... no more kitty crawling in that vaporous hideout. There are other places much more cat friendly. Nothing is forever. So if the Prince, changes his mind, I can be coaxed out, with a fresh piece of toro or a bowl of scoop of salmon roe. But without some really nice coaxing, it ain't happening.

A moment of silence, a bit of happiness of the blackest kind, and a fond goodbye sweet prince.. this is the best thing all around. NO WORRIES, BE HAPPY...

Love and Peace,
Dr. B. K.

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