Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dr. Peter Rost Reports ANOTHER Drug Company Marketing Unapproved Drugs

There he goes again:

"Wait for the next story I'm working on: Major drug company is alleged to have used the sales force to market a drug way before approval. And the drug is still not approved! I have the slides, I have the story and I'm talking to another anonymous whistleblower."

I am going to close my eyes and meditate on the positive intention, that he means me. I know this is NOT the case, but a Kitty can dream!

I am so very close, personally, to writing my story. This is a story of an innocent idealistic little black kitten that was adopted by a departmental CHAIR in a very famous medical school in the early 1980's. It is a Dickens's type story.

The kitten turned Kitty, who once was the CHAIRS favorite pet, personal psychotherapist and idea fountain, for reasons that were understandable and not understandable, became pathologically hated by the CHAIR.

The Kitty became psychologically and physically too ill to dwell in the Ivory Catbox over time. At this point in time, negotiations for my replacement(s) are 2.5 full FTEs to replace .65 of Kitty FTE. The only good I can see out of it is that my staff will all hopefully, if the Kitty is scary enough, get promotions and more permanent job. I guess three young kittens getting good jobs are worth one old black kitty getting kicked to the curb!!

Today the hard core issues were laid out... lets put these in kitty terms: bad and abusive owners over the life of the kitty.. about 26 yrs to be exact; food that was not produced according to legal standards; fishing and fishing for that toy that will lure in the kitties to the catnip; and of course.. all the interesting characters one meets in the collective Ivory Catboxs that comprise the feeding frenzy of NIMH and PHARMA $$.

This kitty wishes she knew if the big ALPHA DOGS which she loves actually can earn a living from writing and blogging. This Kitty is totally camera shy, so Rost type TV appearances are not possible. If any Health Care or Pharma blogger would wish to help me with understanding this situation I would greatly appreciate it.

Peace and Love and Catnip

Dr. Black Kitty

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Research Girl said...


This post made me unbelievably sad for that poor, black kitty. Her owners should be ashamed for treating a precious kitty so abhorrently.

However, the kitty will liberate herself and conquer.


Dr. BK said...

Meow... Thanks RG, I could not have done it without your support!!

Things are looking good for YOU!


Alexander said...

What a lovely cat! Like the one in my book!! I hope you are okay. I remember one poster with a lovely cat in which it was written (cat's thoughts by the way) "I am always ready to please... for as long as things go my way!" I just wanted to put a smile on your face. Cheers! Alex