Monday, June 11, 2007

"What I Really Want to Say, My Baby" - Understanding My Big Love For Bradley

Warning - These Videos contain language not appropriate for young children.

Since this Kitty is sunning herself in Sunny SoCAL - SUBLIME and Brad invaded my thoughts for the last couple of days. I have followed this band since its inception in Long Beach CA... Being a SoCAL grrl, I have BIG LOVE for Brad. Its not rational, rather it is animal based, hard, lusty and deeply loyal. These kinds of feelings for someone you never met personally, and will never have the opportunity to meet.. are interesting to say the least. I have spent years in therapy trying to understand why I would care about a man like Brad and his life. The plain fact is that I do. This kind of love is not actualized. My intentions are NOT to actualize it. In fact, if Brad was alive today, I would still feel very strongly about him, but it would be actualized by watching his videos, buying his albums and supporting his trade label.

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