Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dr. Peter Rost Gives it to Pfizer in a Long Dark Way

You all need to read the original because it is too complex for me to summarize. I would like to start with the LAST QUOTE FROM THE POSTING:

"Pfizer is simply acting like any minor dictatorship when it comes to suppressing dissidents."

"So not only was it not enough to simply fire me; to make sure I never got another job again Pfizer labeled me a criminal and a parasite. No one should be surprised if Pfizer hires detectives to throw mud at people. Pfizer's head of security is a former FBI agent. After all, FBI J. Edgar Hoover, had surveillance, even of Presidents, down to an art."

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js said...


Thanks for the post..I have been intrigued by you and oviously I am a big fan of Peter's so when I see a link to you especially about my favorite sport Pfizer I like to repost. I unlike some bloggers am a reposter not a writer and I generally find plenty of information that suits the theme of my site. I started the blog after repeated retaliation and unethical behavior by Pfizer lawyers, managers, and HR people. I became fed up with their ruining lives of decent hard working people, people who tried to right some wrongs and were set adrift with no job, or finacial benefit for their time. I am taking Pfizer apart in my own way a chip at a time unfortunately they will as we know outlast me and just about anyone with the guts to take them on. Thanks for a great site..I am a fan for sure.../