Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Will Never Survive Unless I Get A Little Crazy

I can't tell you enough about the power of a little crazy. It has been my driving force for the last few days, as I have been crazy busy, and trying to keep up with my very crazy busy friends. The irony, I believe, is that it is the craziness of a busy life, and its drama that IS making me crazy.

I notice that as I become more crazy, to quote Marc "I attract crazy people to me." I think this was an astute observation. Marc went on to say, "perhaps crazy people are the only ones who can tolerate YOUR craziness?" That was correct, and I cried silently. That was the answer to the burning question, that a crazy person like me, genuinely had been empirically researching for years (ask me for the citations :)). WHY WAS I A CRAZY PERSON MAGNET or a freak magnet as the literature so kindly puts it???

I believe the answer is many fold, but I am very tolerant of mental illness and substance use symptomatology because my whole family was ill at one time or another, most of my friends have had bouts of illness, i sure have, and most of all, I am in academic psychiatry. Every soul I meet is intrinsically interesting to me psychologically. That is just who I AM.

All my life, I have befriended people with severe mental illness, that rarely are given an opportunity to have a friend (albeit a little crazy) like myself. I have taken people who suffer from thought disorders to movies, out to eat, to clubs, and generally to have fun, and to experience even for a day.. .good quality of life (QOL)! That is what it is ALL about BABY... High QOL!

I am off to Californica (sp). I will be back in a couple of weeks, if I survive. I might have to get a little crazy.

Love, Peace and Personal Freedom to be a little crazy!

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