Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I Don't Like Mondays - Geldof's Gallant Message to HS about Smelly Cat

Here is the fictional fable about me (black kitty) and her pal, a smelly cat named Stinky. Now Stinky was one crazed female feline. She had been abused since she was a wee kitten, she is a physically unable to do much. In addition to being sickly, smelly, synthetic using and skittish, this was also one extremely jealous cat. And Stinky didn't like Black Kitty having too much fun or joy. This was because Stinky cat, was very unhappy all the time, had absolutely no joy or kitty fun in her life, and lived in a very scary world full of many big bad dogs and other enemies of cat land. When Black Kitty figured that Stinky wanted more than was possible for me to give, she got very angry. I am hoping that Stinky will forget about Black Kitty.

This song came to mind, because it is essentially the same fictional tale, about a child who takes her father's gun and shoots up the playground across the street from her apartment. This WAS a true story. I lived very close to where this actually happened. The song came from the event, and the attempt to explain such unexplainable behavior.

"And the lesson today is... how to die" This is scary. He can see no reasons cause there are NO reasons. And the silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload. No one is gonna go to the school today, she is gonna make them stay at home..."

Wembley Stadium, London - Boomtown Rats, LIVE AID

This has been a long time favorite song of mine, since I had to import the vinyl for this directly from the U.K., when I was a baby Kitty. Please enjoy, how I felt totally about today. I sometimes feel like I am stuck in a horror movie like this song.

"What reasons do you need for craziness?"
"I just want to shoot the whole day down, shoot it all down."

"And the lesson today is... how to die"

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