Monday, June 4, 2007

Trailer for a Should Not Miss Movie: The Union

THE UNION - This movie is well worth seeing. It really doesn't matter if you personally use or have used marijuana in the past, or, you just love someone who does, this movie will scare you to death! How the United States can call an outright WAR on users of God's own plants, the ones that serve living things (think humans) with their organic purely natural by-products and medicinal properties.

I strongly believe that PHARMA, U.S. Foreign Policy and Government agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.), BIG OIL Companies, Alcohol and Tobacco Companies (oh no... they are Pharma.. how silly of me!),and the WAR MACHINE SUPPORTING THE WAR ON DRUG USERS AND DRUG TREATMENT are responsible for PROHIBITION of MEDICINAL HERBS IN THE UNITED STATES.

I also believe if a fair vote was taken, GLOBALLY, the WORLD would decide that this virtually free medicine could help millions if not billions of people, and save the world economy. I know this sounds grandiose, but this is what I believe.. and I will stick to my story :)

I simply don't understand how the U.S. can call Marijuana a dangerous drug, equating it with Cocaine, Meth-amphetamines or Cocaine when as the documentary states - "there has not been ONE death directly attributable to Marijuana Usage. What other substance can make that claim? Nicotine Delivery Systems? PHARMA? Alcohol?

As long as the Neo-conservatives can attack personal freedoms such as the right to medicate with a natural herb, then their cronies can continue to reap BILLIONS of dollars selling other synthetic hard drugs in support of their political ambitions. Remember, W Srub Bush, was/is an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. The Regan's supported their war with cocaine. Afganistan is NOW, thanks to the U.S., one of the largest poppy growing countries in the world. Their entire economy is essentially based on opiates. South America... Stimulants.... Why not North America = Herbals....

Can any thinking person REALLY BELIEVE that W BUSH DID NOT SMOKE POT TOO? Of course he did, as did Bill, Hillary, and probably 80% of those who DO or DID work in the White House. Why don't they just tell the U.S. Citizens the REAL reason why>???? Money.. its all Money Honey...

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