Monday, June 4, 2007

Can Dr. Peter Rost Rock Any Harder??? WORD

Dr. Peter Rost, MD, Health Care Hitman, Whistle Blower, Top Health Blogger, now breaks out the tunes, dude. Rost, or the BIG PR as I like to call him, has released his first "disco" PHARMA hit. It is so cool, you dudes gotta go download. I think its like sick trance.. but hey, what does this Kitty Know? She KNOWS a KOOL KAT when she sees one.

Dance on (ABBA??) Peter!

Oh, JM, if you think I am parroting again, please don't. I only post what interests me and my readers.

Question Authority's Disco Hit: Harvey, the Moaning Sales Rep.

This is for those of you who have already enjoyed AstraZeneca's Arimidex sales training featuring "Harvey the sales rep," in my prior post, AztraZenca rep: "I'm not pouting."

I now have a SPECIAL TREAT from the AstraZeneca "Fab 7":

The "Here's Harvey" Disco Hit!

THIS IS A REMIX of the sigh that Harvey gives before his first question and his memorable comment "I'm not pouting,"

There are instant classics, such as, "I don't think you answered his question," "Uhhh," "Or whatever," "Blow it off," "Yes or no," "I'm not pouting," "I'm back," "Yadiyada," "Or whatever."

Enjoy the Harvey Remix disco hit here!

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