Sunday, June 3, 2007

Very Sad Day - Its Deadly to Be Whiskey the Wild Dog

This film made me feel very sad. I am posting it, to show how even in the face of TOTAL extinction and adversity, somehow, I have TOTAL FAITH that the Pack WILL survive! Every pack needs a strong leader. It is hard to rally the health care bloggers together in a single unified voice. I think Dr. Peter Rost IS trying, and so are several of the other INCLUSIVE bloggers. However, many of the bloggers are more concerned with themselves and their image, employment and consultant perks than they are forwarding the mission of parity in health care for all global consumers.

I hope that the message at the end of the poignant film, that the "pack will survive" extends to the INCREDIBLE CURRENT CONTRIBUTIONS of the health care blogger pack. I would especially like to thank those in the U.K., because I like their humor the best... rock on PG and PG!

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