Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bungle in the Jungle - Good-Bye So CAL

Southern California can equal Florida for this Jethro Tull song, that allows embedding. I am very glad to leave. Although this place has great weather and nice palm trees, it lacks soul. It is police like in the oppression of free thought and speech. Living next to the largest West Coast Marine Base has its disadvantages. Seeing the poverty that is caused by the Bush Reign and wars is very sad to this Kitty. I visited with a wife of a soldier. This LOVELY lady has a new 3 month old and two kids. They all want their Daddy to come home FROM HIS THIRD TOUR IN IRAQ. When I met her a couple of years ago, she was very pro war. NOW, SHE IS ANTI-WAR. It is ironic that these very kind and sweet wives don't do ANYTHING to try to stop the war. Nothing. I guess given how repressed alternative thinking is in So. Orange.. its not surprising at all. Love, PEACE AND PEACE

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