Sunday, June 3, 2007

QAD andThe NEW Bipolar Disorder: Furious Seasons Archive of Interesting Discussion

This is great reading for anyone who is interested in the EXPANDED indications for psycho-active medications. Phillip rationally questions whether we are getting TOO FAR afield from helping people with SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS with indications for personality, distress and general non-conformity to societal expectations.

In this regard, I previously posted (see HERE) a definition of Questioning Authority Disorder or QAD (named for my HERO and ROLE MODEL - Dr. Peter Rost :)) which I submitted to Furious Seasons Blog, for consideration for the "contest" for the best "NEW" disorder. Unfortunately, life caught up with blogging, and I missed the posting where FS picked the winner. I am proud of my tongue in cheek response, so I am linking to it again. I think I definitely suffer from QAD and its sub-disorder - ECD or excessive connections disorder.

I hope that FS is not upset with me. I thought we were beginning to form a blogger to blogger relationship, and then it stopped abruptly. I was really sick, so perhaps I did something to offend. I apologize, and it was never my intention to cause an iota of additional stress in your life.

This song is for you, Phillip.

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