Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thank-You, Christine Truelove for Acknowledging me as a Health Care Blogger

Thank you very much, Christine for the quote below, that I received in your weekly summary of the PHARMA blogosphere.

Here is the quote, that totally made my day! This is especially cool, because I am on vacation in sunny So. California, and I showed my MOM what a NICE quote of mine you used. She is very proud of me, thanks you you!

" Fortune-ate Rost
Dr. Rost's spread in Fortune received a fairly favorable review from pharmaceutical bloggers. Dr. Rost has gathered all the comments and polls here.

Mr. Silverman notes here, "One mistake Fortune made in its article — in discussing Rost and the AstraZeneca scandal, the magazine asserts the mainstream press followed the trail. In fact, except for The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Delaware News-Journal, the mainstream press missed the boat. The blogs, Rost and just a few others, including this one, forced big pharma to come to grips with this new medium."

At BrandweekNRx, Mr. Edwards wonders, "Can Pfizer get over its anger and utilize the leverage it has with Rost?".

Mr. Edwards bets that Dr. Rost won't stop being a pain in the collective side of the pharmaceutical industry anytime soon, but says Pfizer's lawyers "actually have a fantastic opportunity in front of them that no other drug company has: The ability to tie Rost up in a legal settlement that would prevent him from blogging about Pfizer ever again.

"If Pfizer is ever able to swallow its pride and offer Rost a decent settlement, it is highly likely that they would require that he never say a public word again about the company," Mr. Edwards says. "And given the scale of pharma settlements, it is highly likely, IMHO, that Rost would feel duty bound to accept those terms. He has a house, wife and kids to provide for after all, and blogging and publishing don't make people rich."

At the PharmaBlogosphere, Mr. Mack says arguing Mr. Edwards point is difficult. "God knows, I would accept being rich in return for silence," Mr. Mack says. "Everyone has his/her price. Don't forget: Rost was 'rich' with an annual salary of about $750,000, which he had to give up to blow the whistle. Not many people would have given that up to be righteous."

Health-care blogger The Black Kitty hopes that Dr. Rost won't cave in. "I know you need money," Black Kitty says. "Honestly, I wish you everything you need. But honestly, if you stop blogging about ANY ONE COMPANY then you might as well not blog about any of them."

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