Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dr. Peter Rost - Question Authority Blog - Alpha Wolf Leads the Pack!

Tokyo Show DOAX2 girls trailer: Is this Real? What New PHARMA Product Is Being Introduced? Happy Belated Birthday.

This SHOUT OUT is to Dr. Peter Rost. I love his books, his ethics, his blog and his reporting. He has MUCHO empathy and I honestly believe he is earnest in his obsession with truth and social justice in health care. In any moment of time, I would be so honored and grateful to work under his leadership.

The Rational Questioning of SANITY here is, WHY?
I have thought long and hard about this. I have to diametrically oppose the statement made by John Mack about how I link to Peter and other blogs to improve my counts. John, for the record, I write for a very small number of consistant people, around 30 of them. They are the only people who matter to me. Therefore, if I repost other stories, it is because I either have something to say, I think they are important, or I just feel like it.

Its my blog and I can post when I want to :)

So, Peter, I pray what they are saying in BrandRx and other blogs is NOT TRUE. I am PRAYING that it is NOT true. I know you need money. Honestly, I wish you everything you need. But honestly, if you stop blogging about ANY ONE COMPANY then you might as well not blog about any of them.

YOU PERSONALLY have started a BRUSH FIRE OF HEALTH CARE EMPIRICALLY BASED, FACT DRIVEN, and here I am sure if anyone read this blog, I would be crucified for writing this, but, OBJECTIVE presentations. When I am cleared legally, I hope to emulate you. What is wrong with that? We need thousands of people to speak up guys!!! Its GREAT that we are all caching the same content. IT MEANS THE CONTENT IS IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE.

This timely and very salient health care content, combined with humor and blatently FUN sensuality and black humor makes all these volunteer efforts worth it for me.
Reading Rost each day, gives me something to look forward to in very trying and tiring times.

If it was this Kitty's purrrfect world, I would make Dr. Rost form an oversight committee for the pharmaceutical industry that would be formed from many different stake holder groups that would be arrived at by consensus. This group would be international and maybe be hosted by a NEUTRAL country like Sweden or Switzerland. This oversight agency would have as its mission, the protection of humanity, the earth and all its wonderful life forms against out of control pharmacological and other big business interests that directly effect quality of life through health and health care utilization.

I really gave Peter a hard time about all the porno links on his page when he returned from his self imposed 2 week hiatus from blogging. Peter was scratched hard by a bitchy old kitty and I bet she is a sorry Kitty now. She is not the ONLY sorry person, and not the only sorry PHARMA company. It is important to note that Peter cleaned out the porn, and listened to honest feedback about how it detracted from the seriousness of his reporting.

Rost is NOT anti-PHARMA. He IS a whistle blower, and someone who worked very hard for the re-importation of DRUGS to America from Canada. WHY DID HE NEED TO DO THIS? This crusade was fundamentally AGAINST his own self interests and the interests of his family. The type of lifestyle that Rost had as a VP of huge PHARMA companies must have come to a grinding halt. I PERSONALLY know how painful that can be. In my own opinion, he was screwed over by the U.S. government when I believe they lent implicit agreement to support his legislative efforts. I know I will be killed for this statement IF anyone actually read this blog :)

But what I admire MOST about Peter, is that in SPITE of how TERRIBLE he was treated by the U.S. government and his past employers, Pfizer, Wyeth, Pharmacia, etc., he always acted and continues to act like a gentle person and a scientist. He never resorted/s to name petty personality attacks, rather he fought/fights back with empirical evidence, rationality, and empathy for the victims of the crimes caused by his past employers.

I wish I could say the same for SOME of the other blogs I read that are BLATANTLY apologetic for the crimes against humanity perpetrated by big businesses of all types. Especially ones that give BIG PERKS AND MEDIA ATTENTION to bloggers that pander to the givers of trips and perks.

I don't want anyone to think that this is a love letter, or trivialize my posting by critiquing my personal Kitty feelings for Peter. They have no bearing on what he has done in his life, ON THE RECORD, and my personal interpretation of these factual events.

I am just SO HAPPY to be able to watch this BIG ALPHA WOLF go at it. This kind of behavior is sensual by nature in its power, it collects people to a mission, and it has been the SPARK that lead this health care blogging, dare I say.... no... well okay... REVOLUTION.

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