Monday, June 11, 2007

Pfizer screws UP!: 17,000 employee names and SS numbers copied by Thieves

According to Pfizer, "the breach occurred when the spouse of a Pfizer employee loaded unauthorized software on the employee's Pfizer laptop. The software allowed outsiders access to a number of files, that included the names and SSNs of the affected Pfizer employees."Pfizer also writes that 15,700 employees "had their data accessed and copied."

Am I the only one in the Whole WORLD that thinks this is a very important commentary of the arrogance of Pfizer towards the protection of THEIR EMPLOYEE'S PERSONAL DATA?

The fact that this data was taken by thieves, insures those who may become the sad victims of identity theft, hassles for months to come.

I think that Pfizer is a big ship going down. Lots of great people have worked and do work for Pfizer and I wish them all well. However, this latest disregard for the quality of life, welfare and privacy of their employees is only a symptom of the cancer that lies in the bowels of this company.

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