Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pot is Healthier than Alcohol or Tobacco

Great Digg - Lancet the best British Medical Journal concludes that in terms of dangerousness to ones' self - Alcohol and Tobacco are much worst than Pot - ITS ABOUT TIME!

Someone please forward this to Mark Emery. From the CC, I did not hear one word about this study. One would think that Mark and his brilliant (I mean this not sarcastically) crew, including the sagelike Magic D, and the helpful marketer B would have put out something about this. I also think that PTV should really make a big deal of this article. But who am I to tell others what to do? :)

The important take home message in my mind, is that, for EACH INDIVIDUAL all substances can potentially cause different psychological and physiological impacts. I asked the Sage D to tell me what substances might work for certain psychiatric disorders. His advise- "people are too different to even contemplate RULES about dosing substances such as alcohol, marijuana and nicotine. Remember, to also take into account your PHARMA and therapeutic drugs when you add these other recreational substances.

Great original article! Great posting. Thanks!

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