Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Climbing out of the Hole: This Has Been the Absolutely Best Day

Sometimes when things are really at rock bottom, you look up that dark dank smelly hole and you actually see light. Not just any light, but spectacular Northern Lights. Here in the very Northwest the day was very special. I think like a database, so I am just gonna list the great things about today. And one day, when I have a friend that will hyper-link and "picturize" my site, then so be it:

1. The weather was incredible, crisp, clear and real walking around an open European type society type weather.
2. My roommate slept too, and she needed sleep, as she is one beautiful Chica... wow.. I wish she would let me put her picture in here.
3. I stayed in my room and was comfortable and didn't go into work until 12 noon. That is a first for me... honestly.. I know... bad.
4. I took a wonderful clean bus ride from virtually in front of my flat to the front of my office building in 12 minutes.
5. I talked to an incredible lady musician on the bus who is very smart and told me a lot of useful information (shout out to all the transit folks who have helped me in the past week).
6. The office space is great. Its beautiful, ergo, bamboo-ed, green and full of the smartest, most laid back folks I have had the honor to work with in a long time.
7. They share my beliefs about PHARMA
8. They want to share my ideas and the ideas of my co-workers back in the USSR .... :)
9. The projects rock - all real large cohort data sets for me to help with. Ones that are way up my alley in terms of my mission and that of my friends.
10. I worked hard and didn't notice the time (nor ate) - good sign
11. Figured out alot of financial stuff - good sign
12. Went to see my favorite boutiques and bought a bag of very cool buttons for my craft projects for only $4
13. Went to the V.L. where I was surprised I was allowed in... another story .... sorry
14. They let me stay for HOCKEY NIGHT!!! very cool... thanks everyone at CC
15. I was told "not to talk" or they will out me.... and they were correct. I needed not to talk.
16. I was only able to market one of the 10 products I brought to give away free - another story
17. Research Girl and I finally connected and she (of great taste) slapped my blog into a color scheme and template that rocks. Please see her great blog on the shout out. She is a blogging V girl.. so be kind and encouraging.
18. A very nice guy shared some very high tech information with me that had me reeling.
19. I took the bus home in less than .5 hr.
20. I sat in the little park and saw great dogs and owners.
21. Dr. Peter Rost showed a Black Kitty to the health - PHARMA bloggers. Thanks :)
22. My friends actually believe that I am smart, not totally sane but smart.
23. My friends think I may have an idea :)

An all around great day. And I am actually sleepy!!

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Research Girl said...

I am so happy that you are so happy. What a difference a few weeks makes! I knew everything would work out for you!