Monday, March 26, 2007

Do You take Human Growth Hormone? If so, Read this Post

This post, courtesy of Dr. Peter Rost supplies us with 2 YouTube clips of individuals speaking about human growth hormone. If anyone should know about HGH it IS Dr. Rost. He was the brave man who laid down his career in order to have Pfizer honestly market HGH to aging adults. Dr. Rost read the medical studies, and found, like we did in the late 80's that HGH didn't do shit. Sorry. All it did in the elderly (65+) was show slight statistically significant results in more hours of sleep and better mood. I believe these results, if statistically analyzed in an empirically valid manner, would show, that ANY efficaciousness of HGH was due to the MEDIATING effects of BEHAVIORAL ACTIVATION.

Activating your MIND and your BODY is the only known way to slow down aging. AND ITS FREE. So jump on the bandwagon folks... try exercise and reading as first line anti-aging treatments, before spending $$$ on shit that just doesn't work.

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