Monday, March 26, 2007

HGH !!! The Peter Rost - Anna Nicole Smith Connection

This is a very important story that explains this bizarre connection. Read it yourself, its too strange to be real, but too real not to be strange. Although the intellectual differences between the 2 people, as a different as night and day, they both are tied together by the compount HGH (human growth hormone). What I find interesting, is that, the death of a media icon, a poor very psychiatrically and physically ill woman, could maybe shed light on the misuse of HGH. Look guys, she was shooting so much stuff literally into her butt, that she had very bad infections and scar tissue. I guess she didn't have the laproscopic tummy tie after that.

I watched poor Anna on her 2 seasons on E! I would use some of the episodes as examples of borderline personality disorder, impulsive anger, and of course substance abuse, when teaching residents.

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