Friday, December 8, 2006

I Finally Woke Up to Smell the BRIIE - BLOG RSS-Type Intellectual Information Exchange (BRIIE)

Welcome to my first posting.

I am exploring the new world of GOOGLEs’ mind-blowing array of free products. I feel humbled and overwhelmed by how many different products GOOGLE is offering me, now that I have started using GMAIL. I have been so insanely busy that I have not taken time to learn any new non-work related apps is quite a while. I am having a blast!

The GOOGLE engineers seem to jump right out at you from the basic setup as inidividuals, and theyfeel very humanistic and caring to to the user. This is in strict contrast to installing proprietary software, which needs to only be done by IT experts. GOOGLE makes every level of instruction seem so nurturing, forgiving, polite and full of options for customization and your individualization as a person. It even tells you that it "understands that change is difficult." I think that is awesome!!! It is great to have supportive software in this world.

The permutations of information seeking programs like DIGG, style setting templates, people to link to, and feeds to choose, approaches infinity. People can dog paddle or Olympic style crawl in the ocean of the WEB using GOOGLE products and the links that GOOGLE supports, which are also free. Free to the end user is a very good model.

I also really enjoy the subtle way GOOGLE gives the user hints. I was typing, and in the bottom out of the way is permanently written hints for control keys. That IS very useful AND it IS NOT annoying.

MS 2003 software is TOO helpful. It is just too aggressively helpful by constantly telling you what it THINKS you mean. Moreover, it does not always give you help when you need it or give you suggestions you could readily apply. Hints about shortcuts or options that could actually improve your performance are given in GOOGLE space, but not in MS apps.

I know I am probably ignorant, and would appreciate being told how to turn off all those horrible helping suggestions [auto-format or that terrible little lightening bolt that you can’t move away from your view] and other annoying characters. I am also bothered by the waste of a huge column of space on the right side of the screen, which you need to click off each time you open WORD.

I just love how nicely the end user is treated with in the WEB space of GOOGLE products. It feels very therapeutic, welcoming, and billowing with information potential. Overall, I cannot think of a better product with a better worldview from what I have come understand about GOOGLE at this current time using BRIIE. Ironically, of course, since GOOGLE controls all the content of GOOGLE Space, they can certainly control the information about GOOGLE that hits the WEB.

The amount of information that is accessible within this new BRIIE is totally making me rethink some of my measurement models. My Tivo is totally backed up, because I am exploring the BLOG RSS-Type Intellectual Information Exchange (BRIIE) people and places instead of watching episodes of my favorites of soon to be cancelled TV shows. My WMC HD is also backed up with many episodes of shows, which were cancelled,

I listened to Adam Bosworth, Vice President of GOOGLE say many interesting things about the models behind and functionality of RRS-1 and RRS-2. From my naive end-user POV, Bosworth’s arguments seemed to correlate with my experiences using both the first and second version of the GOOGLE READER.

I am waking up after many years in a self- and academia- induced masochistic coma, and finally realizing (2 years too late) that a new form of communication had totally developed under my sleeping brain. I am ignorant about its usage, but am learning at a rapid speed. This really sucks. This does not happen often. I am an innovator end-user. I was one of the first people in my set of peers to have a PC, to use Email, the IRC, Metacrawler, SPSS, GOOGLE, Readers, etc.

Once I understand BRIIE, and I love good cheese, I will then try to use this medium to talk with like-minded individuals about my favorite topic, health care, and in specific mental health care.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post.


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