Thursday, August 23, 2007

These Are MY Friends - Criminal Police Behavior

Neil, the gray-haired man being violently assaulted by the police in Ontario is my friend. So is the man that he was hugging. There was NO NEED for this type of action against peacefully gathered citizens. Canada is turning into a police state, trying to copy its big brother to the South. Poor Canadians.

I don't know who the articulate, calm and cool, heroic woman in the film is, but I will find out soon and let you all know about her. I don't think I could have behaved as well as they did. I love the guy they were trying to arrest. I spent an evening chatting with him, and he is the owner of a local head shop and he is a cannabis activist. He is also very gentle, intelligent and giving. So unlike the reaction and personalities of the arresting officers. It is so surprising that it took 3 officers to take down an old guy. What a shame! This is only one of the new police offensive (or old and long running one) that now tries to discourage the people from coming to rallies supporting legalization of Cannabis. If you look further, you will see videos of FAKE arrests of COPS dressing like activists, and then having their fellow cops take them DOWN, to make the activists look, violent?
Wow, which marketing expert thought that one up?

Can't forget this one.
Famous rodney king beating

Police beat down an old man.

LAPD beating (hi-res)

Man Gets Wacked Repeatedly

MET Police Beat up man

If you are outraged, please send email to Neil and his crew, I am sure he would LOVE to hear from any of you. Neil is on a Freedom Tour across Canada, and he fights for YOUR right to personal freedoms. Please see for more information about the assault or the tour.


Mark said...

I just got the youtube video of the undercover cops in the protest.

if its too long then here

. said...

Thank you Mark.

This is a great video. I am always happy to have these types of videos on my blog. If you look in my archives, you will find other examples of under cover cops harassing 911 story protesters. To this horrible video, I responded with "where is the Love?."

Peace, Love and freedom from a police state